Boys Soccer MS Copa Montessori


Matias Saldarriaga Madrid, Discoverer Staff Writer

The TCS Middle School boys soccer team placed second in Copa Montessori on September 17-24 losing to Montessori on penalties after drawing 3-3.

Sebastian Velez, team captain, was the outstanding player for the TCS team. He scored at every single game, and was involved in a serious accident at the final.

“The games were really good quality, I did not feel pressure being at another school and being watched by many people, I was able to have good performance,” Sebastian Velez, 8th grade MS soccer player, said.

Based on the team results, coach Fernando Rodriguez concluded some interesting opinions about his actual middle school team.

“They have many experiences, they have had the chance of playing many matches at school that have helped them prepare. some of them have had the opportunity of playing league or other important matches,” Fernando Rodriguez, MS boys soccer team coach, said.

A major concussion was experienced by player Sebastian Velez during the final, he collided with the goalkeeper at an intense moment.

“The goalkeeper was going to jump, he did and at the same time I was going to attempt a header, when I landed, the keeper landed his boot on my eye,” Velez said.

The final was Columbus vs. Montessori, it was the most intense game, it ended up 3-3 and Montessori won by penalties, leaving TCS in second place.

“At the final, two generations combined together, there was no chemistry, also, the field was much smaller than our field back at TCS, that may have affected,” Rodriguez said.

Superiority was clear, TCS team was playing against a rival that was better than them and were used to the field they were playing, however TCS was able to be confident and play well.

“They seemed confident, they didn’t seem afraid, I liked that, because that showed that they were confident in what they had learned at the training at school,” Rodriguez said.

The 2006 TCS soccer team placed first at the high school tournament, receiving a big triumph for the school.

“TCS teams really seemed like they knew what they were doing, they put a really good effort into the games and had really good sportsmanship, me as a coach experienced what a good sports team is,” Rodriguez said.