2022 Book Fair Receives Enthusiastic Reception


Photo by Camilo Correa

People shop for books at the 2022 Book Fair October 19-22.

The MS and HS Book Fair took place from October 19-21 on the Boulevard in front of the library to promote reading and culture.

Made possible by the efforts of Lina Isaza, four publishers and five bookstores attended the book fair. Students participated throughout the day while being offered a 15% to 20% discount on books. All HS and MS Spanish classes attended.

“We were invited through Lina; we know her because we bring her books when she needs them. And it was thanks to her that we were all invited,” Olga Salazar, Libreria Interuniversitaria, said.

While some publishers, such as Editorial Norma and Editorial Planeta, focused on books required at school, most focused on bringing a variety of books for students, teachers, and parents to enjoy.

“We hosted this fair to allow students the opportunity to find books at a fair and lower price, as well as access to a cultural and encouraging space,” Lina Isaza, MS and HS Librarian said.

The publishers and bookstores which attended the fair were: Norma, Planeta, GL Books, Enlace Editorial, Libreria Grammata, Libreria Entre Lineas, Librería Te Creo, Librería Tragaluz, Libreria Interuniversitaria, and Panamericana.

“As publishers, we must attend and support these activities so people can buy books at a fraction of the price,” Lina María Arboleda Medina, cultural assessor of Editorial Planeta, said.

Cultural activities involved writers, art congressmen, and people from different parts of the humanities. Spanish classes in Middle School had the opportunity to have a “literary picnic.”

“The idea is to host a literary picnic with Middle School students and parents. We made this picnic for students to enjoy in a calm environment, made for reading,” Isaza said.

As part of a program to encourage English reading, the school promoted its digital book platform, Sora, and invited an English publisher to the fair.

“We cannot yet have as many providers in English, so we are promoting SORA. Thus, students have the chance to find books and enjoy them as if they were in the fair, even if they are in English,” Isaza said.

This year, fewer restrictions were implemented, more involvement from publishers was seen, and according to multiple bookstores, there was an increase in interest. 

​“This year, there is already more freedom. We have returned to what the fair was long before the pandemic, so this gives it an opportunity, seeing that it has been very well received,” Isaza said.