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  • Casa M – A Journey of Passion, Farm-to-Table Delights, and Extraordinary Flavors


    Casa M – A Journey of Passion, Farm-to-Table Delights, and Extraordinary Flavors

  • Franz Beckenbauer sprints with a ball in his feet during an international game with Germany.


    Beckenbauer Legend Passes Away

  • Work of AP art and design students found in Sofia Arcila’s classroom.


    Exploring a canvas brushing beyond boundaries

  • In front of Santa Fe, a mall in El Poblado, lays a stop for The Graffiti Tour. This excursion depicts a rejuvenated Medellín that has accepted new forms of expression and peaceful existence through music and street art. The trip provides an overview of Medellíns active street life, with its bright graffiti representing the communitys history and resilience. The vibrant paintings and rhythmic beats depict a communal story, demonstrating art and musics transformational power in defining the cultural identity of Medellíns neighborhoods.


    The City of Eternal Spring Urban Charm: Medellín’s Connection to Style and Street Life

  • Elena Echeverri

    High School

    Elena Echeverri

  • Matias Saldarriaga

    High School

    Matias Saldarriaga

  • Emilia Echavarria

    High School

    Emilia Echavarria

  • Paulina Moreno

    High School

    Paulina Moreno

  • Martin Villegas

    High School

    Martin Villegas

  • Juan Esteban Perez

    High School

    Juan Esteban Perez

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The Columbus School News Portal

The Discoverer

The Columbus School News Portal

The Discoverer

TOM Initiative – New and old members opinions

TCS photo from a previous TOM edition

TOM(Tikkun Olam Makers), is widely known in our community, and the 2024 edition is near, where students, teachers, graduates, and professionals will participate. Our community is anxious to receive this event with wide open arms.  

This year, students from HS will be able to volunteer for many different roles. Everywhere from a maker to logistics, everyone must follow their role, ensuring the success and fluency of the event. Some students will participate for the first time in this wonderful organization, meanwhile, others have the wisdom of past years to pass down to the new participants. 

“Being a part of TOM is more than just making things. It’s about understanding one another and working together towards a common goal. We, as students, graduates, and teachers, each bring something special to the table,” Isabel Jaramillo, 11th grade, said.

TOM is perfect for students to invest their time in helping their community. This will also boost their creativity, social skills, and problem-solving. Not to mention, this event will also create bonds between students and teachers. It is not about learning from zero, it’s about applying your skills to the environment, a true demonstration of intelligence. 

“TOM goes beyond the act of creating; it’s a collaborative effort where diverse individuals come together, each contributing a unique piece to the puzzle. It’s not just about solving problems; it’s about forging connections and understanding for those in need,” Rafael Martinez, 11th grade and TOM leader said.

In TOM, tackling a problem is more than just putting together a puzzle piece. It’s like opening a door to a whole new world for those who need assistance. When you come up with a solution, it’s not just fixing things – it’s potentially changing their lives in a lasting way. Your efforts can be the turning point that brings lasting impact and transforms the every day for those who rely on our help.

“To me, TOM acts like a bridge between what I learned in school and applying it in the real world. Witnessing ideas transform into possible solutions that genuinely help people is incredible,” Jaramillo, said.

As mentioned earlier, TOM is not only about learning, it’s also to apply school knowledge. Not to forget, it is a great alternative for social hours, but this will be only a side benefit. With growing popularity, there is no doubt the next TOM edition will have a significant increase in volunteers. 

“As a leader participating in TOM, it feels like giving back to the community while also gaining valuable insights from the students. It’s a win-win situation,” Martinez, said.

In a nutshell, TOM works in a cycle. It’s not oly students learning from superior education individual, everything has something to learn. By learning, people also have a chance of understanding, and boosting their empathy towards those with a different life. This is the space to learn that different isn’t and will never mean less. 

“Helping others creates a strong feeling inside. It’s like a happines that grows with each act of kindness, making us want to do more good things”, said Jaramillo.

Within TOM, diverse individuals unite, each contributing something unique. It’s not merely about creating; it’s about caring, innovating together, and growing as a community. As The Columbus School plays host to TOM, it’s not just about building tools; it’s about sculpting a future for everyone.

“In TOM, we make things that help people. It’s not just about tools; it’s about creating a future where all, no matter what, can thrive together”, Martinez said.