Seniors Head Out for Foreign Adventures


Senior Juan Pablo Perez will be attending Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois in the fall.

Samuel Zuluaga, Discoverer Staff Writer

With less than a month until graduation for the class of 2022, many students now face a difficult decision. Seniors now have to decide where they are going to study. Most have chosen to stay either in Medellin or Bogota, but also many have chosen to study abroad. Students chose to study abroad either for academic reasons, language, citizenship, sports, family or searching for new experiences. Some of the most popular locations are the United States, Spain, Italy and France. 

This year 52 seniors applied abroad and of these students, 30 are going to study abroad. The class of 2022 has been the class with most students who have applied abroad and are going to study abroad. This new trend was mainly due to the great work of Dina Rechani, the school’s college counselor. Rechani not only helped students apply and get accepted into universities all around the world, but she also raised $9,007,372 USD in 4 years scholarships. 

Juan Pablo Perez

Juan Pablo Perez is a 12th grade student who will be moving to the United States on August 15 to play soccer for Knox College located in Galesburg, Illinois. The university is located 2 hours and a half away from Chicago. He plans on studying Business Management and Economics which will take approximately 4 years. Perez has obtained academic scholarships and will be playing in Division 3 college soccer but he doesn’t discard the possibility of transferring to another team if it competes in a better division. He worked with a college platform for athletes called NCSA (Next College Student Athlete) which helps students get recruited for college sports and obtain scholarships. He plans on pursuing a masters degree after graduating from college and later on working in Chicago. 

“I am very happy and excited to study at Knox College. The academic level and the soccer team are both very good and I will be very happy there,” Perez said. “My plan after graduation is to continue living there. I would like to pursue a masters degree in Chicago and after that, continue working in Chicago.”

Daniela Munera

Daniela Munera is a 12th grade student who will be studying at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) located in Georgia. She will be studying Cinema and Television. Munera has always been interested in a career focused on art. She is not completely sure what she would like to specialize in as the career she is pursuing has a huge variety of jobs. Munera is just a few months away from traveling to SCAD. 

“I plan on staying in the United States after I finish college because I believe that there are more opportunities and I have always dreamed of living abroad,” Munera said. 

Nicolo Ranni

Nicolo Ranni is a 12th grade student who is just months away from moving to Franklin University Switzerland located in Lugano. Ranni will be studying International Business which will take 4 years. He is already an international student as he is Italian and has lived in different countries like Venezuela and Colombia. Ranni worked with the college counselor Dina in order to get accepted into Franklin University Switzerland. He is now preparing for travel and the start of a new life. 

“I am interested in studying abroad because in my opinion it is a more advanced education in which I believe I could achieve better opportunities for my future,” Ranni said.

A New Beginning

These are just a few of the students that will be studying abroad. Although many of the seniors who applied and hoped to study abroad but didn’t achieve it either because of academics, economics or different reasons, they have the possibility to transfer or study a masters degree abroad. We are eager to see what the class of 2022 achieves in the future and we hope the best for all of them.