Recoups are Coming!


Martin Ochoa, grade 10 student, working at a chemistry lab.

TCS students that fail a class during the year or the fourth bimester have to come to school and recoup the standards they fail during June 13-15.

 Recoups will consist of completing tasks that demonstrate mastery of topics the teacher gives you to help you recover the standards lost from Bimester 4 or the year. If you just failed three summative assignments you will have to recoup all the assignments from the year.

 “All high school students who fail the fourth quarter or year will have to come three days after school to recoup them,” Susana Arias, Learning Center Coordinator, said.

For a student to fail a class for a year or quarter-four they need to have their grade below two. Students don’t need to recoup if they lose either the first, the second, or the third bimesters if they still pass the year and quarter four. 

“Last year the manual de convivencia was modified since before last year only seniors needed to come to recoups if they failed the year or the fourth bimester. But now all the students from high school that fail a course for the year or the fourth bimester need to come for recoups,” Arias said. 

Additionally, the changes in the recoup are based on a strategy that the school proposed, so that the students follow the same rhythm until the end of the year, a reasonable percentage of growth in the student’s grade point average.

“It’s the last bimester and I have felt more tired and I know that many students feel the same, so I think this new rule was a great idea since I am more aware of my grades and GPA for the remainder of this year,” Nicolas Fajardo, Grade 10, said.

Not only students from 9-11 need to recoup but also seniors. Seniors have been recouping the standards they needed in the weeks they have been out of school to work on their final project since they need all the grades ready for graduation. 

“Seniors finish college early so they have to get ready for their grades, so they can start preparing diplomas for graduation, and for awards. May 25 was the last day for seniors to recover any grades,” Arias said. 

Emails are expected to arrive in the last week of school, for those students who cannot make up the bimester or the year in these three days, there will be a week of study at the beginning of next year for those who require it.

 “I believe that the percentage of students who will have to come to recover will be higher than last year, since last year was affected by the pandemic, creating a lot of uncertainty in what had actually been learned,” Norberto Villa, Grade 10 Spanish teacher, said.