Rain Fails to Dampen Halloween Spirit

Highschool students play tug of war trying to drag the other team into the water.

It’s a Thursday night, and you’re thrilled for the next day over thinking of your Halloween costume. Did you buy all the parts that you needed? Is the rain going to ruin your Halloween wig or makeup? The next morning you look out the window to see a dark sky but an exciting day has already started. You can’t wait to see your friend’s costumes at school and participate in the yearly costume competition. Everyone waited anxiously to see the Senior’s entrance, just like when you were little, such a nostalgic and feverish feeling. 

For many students, Halloween is the most exciting and traditional annual school event.  From Kindergarten up to 12th grade, teachers, students, and staff members dress in creative ways. 

Students describe Halloween as one of the only days of the year when everyone is excited to go to school. Speakers blasting, people yelling and everyone supporting their friends at the games and competitions. Rain or shine, every year, students compete in activities ranging from a greased pole climb to eating contests.

“Halloween is the best time of the year; you can dress up in any way you can without anyone saying anything about it. I love every part of it, the spooky decorations, fun costumes, group costumes, and the overall vibes of it,” Mara Montoya, Grade 11, said.

The Senior Entrance

The day kicks off with the Senior entrance. All one-hundred-eleven 12th graders wore the same costume. This year, they chose to be the ski patrol with everyone in a neon green suit with snow hats and glasses.  They traveled the school from early years up to the high school parking lot in a giant caterpillar train. Before entering the school, they faced problems trying to have zero safety hazards with the vehicle they wanted to use.

“I think we all enjoyed the senior entrance this year. It was well planned but it was hard to plan a day without rain,” Juan David Lopez, HS Principal, said.

“I think that the rules of all the seniors not being able to enter the school in whatever vehicle they want is a problem and a bummer because for all of these years it has been allowed and there has never been a problem,” Samuele Ranni, Grade 11, said.

“The senior’s attitudes towards the expectations and restrictions were very positive and receptive, and from this, they proposed an idea of how they were going to enter the schools and we allowed it now that it met all of the safety procedures,” Ana García, HS Counselor, said.

Activities all around

As always there were many activities and games including hotdog and watermelon eating contest,  a costume contest, soccer tournaments, darts, and more. Near the outdoor theater students competed in tug-o-war and turn the water-filled hole they dug into a game trying to throw each other in.

Both HS Counselor Ana Garcia and ASOPAF have a big part in planning all of the Halloween activities and all three coliseums were filled with interactive activities involving inflatables for middle school, elementary and early-year students. 

“This year, we tried to have more of the activities we used to love in the previous years now that it’s our last and we wanted everyone including us to have the best time possible,” Emilio Ospina, Senior, said.

“I liked how the seniors wanted to have a process of motivation towards all high school students so that more people came to school and participated,” García said.  

“This is the first time I saw almost everyone being involved in the competitions and activities and I think it was a very successful day,” Martin Vasquez, Grade 11, said. 


Everyone has a different opinion about costumes. But one thing is for sure, on Halloween, the whole school loves a competition. TCS allows the students’ creativity to be expressed as long as it meets certain dress code rules with nothing weapon-related, no promoting alcohol or drugs, no references to the sex trade, and no insensitivity towards diverse backgrounds. Students and staff dressed up based on recent series they have watched, funny characters in their life, or the easiest thing they could do so that everyone in their friend group agreed upon an idea.

“I really like how the school tries to bring out our creativity every year and I am always excited to see how people dress up,” Mariana Gomez, Grade 11, said.

“One of my favorite parts is the costume contest because it’s like a competition we can all participate no matter what,” Mauro Sepulveda, HS teacher, said.

“I feel like every year they are making more and more restrictions with the dress code. Halloween is still fun but we are running out of costume ideas,” Daniela Lopera, Grade 11, said.

Changes and Preparation

This year new dress code rules and activities were among the major changes. This year’s seniors wanted to make sure they had enough activities to do with or without rain and tried to include all high school grades. On the other hand, new dress code rules created controversy among students. 

Preparation for Halloween included multiple groups of the TCS communities, student leaders, counselors, parents, and administration; all part of the Halloween planning committee. The itinerary began to form weeks before the event occurred. On September 22, school staff met up with Senior representatives to exchange and communicate what they both wanted.

“I want to highlight the great job that was done by the involvement and cooperation between the seniors, staff, and other organization members. We all had the same objective to have fun and still take care of all,” Ana García said. 

“I noticed that the students were more aware of the guidelines and so that was a good improvement for this year now that we didn’t have many dress code violations or other problems,” Lopez said. 

 “We saw a lot of happy faces, we also met with the seniors multiple times to make sure they understood the guidelines and all that, and I think they did a really good job with that,” Paul Navarra, HS vice-principal, said. 

“This is my last Halloween, and I will always remember these special moments with my friends because today was definitely awesome,” Lucas Palacio, Senior, said.