New Hybrid Model implemented by TCS College Counselor


Eugenia Echavarria

College Counselor Dina Rechani calculates scholarship money awarded to the Class of ‘23, totaling over $9,000,000 USD.

Maria Velez , Discoverer Staff Writer

HS College Counselor Dina Rechani will apply a new hybrid model next year to work with Class of ’24 to support them with their college admission process. 

Next year Rechani will spend less time at school and do more Zoom meetings in order to implement the Hybrid model. Students will schedule meetings with Rechani through Whatsapp, Email, or Calendly. These changes are necessary to accommodate personal reasons. 

“I am not worried because I have worked virtually and hybrid before and it is something that comes naturally to me and teenagers nowadays. Surprisingly, I have seen that many students work better when we are on Zoom calls than meeting personally in my office,” Rechani said. 

Even though Rechani plans to be less at school she will be present for some events. Important deadlines in September and October when applications to study abroad need to be sent and in February when students send applications in Colombia.

“I want to be at school for the most important days. For example, there will be some college fairs I will be present for. I want to be present for all my students the day they fill out these applications in case they need help with anything,” Rechani said. 

Rechani will set up meetings with her students during the school day. The number of meetings she plans with each student depends on if they study abroad, stay in Colombia, or schedule via Concourse Global.

Every student has a different need, the amount of time I will be meeting with a student depends on the path they are going to take for university. If they want to study abroad I will probably be meeting with them more than those who want to study in Colombia,” Rechani said.

Each student receives a college folder with important and relevant information such as scholarships and admissions requirements. Rechani will meet with each student to create a timeline and follow through with the tasks required in their application process. 

“I’ve heard that Dina is very organized and passionate about her work. She has brought many universities to the school for the students and she travels a lot to meet new universities. I don’t think things are going to change with the new hybrid model,” Matias Isaza, Grade 11, said.

Based on a survey of Seniors, 6 students will work with an independent counselor, and the rest of the class will work with Rechani. She will have a Whatsapp group with students to send important and timely announcements.

“I have to thank Dina for all the help she has provided for me and my classmates. She works really hard for all the students and she always makes sure that everyone gets the help they need. I feel that all of us owe her a lot,” Senior Rafaela Vargas said.