MUN Valledupar Cancelled for TCS Students

Emiliana Alvarez, Discoverer Staff Writer

A group of middle and high school students were planning on going to a Model United Nations in Valledupar. However, it was cancelled due to the lack of students going.

MUN Valledupar was supposed to be held in November in Fundación Colegio Bilingue de Valledupar. To make the trip possible, 15 students had to go to BIMUN but only four signed up.

“Since only four people wanted to go, the expenses would be really high,” Carolina Echavarria, a delegate from 8th grade who planned on going to BIMUN said.

The Website Best Delegate said one of the purposes of the Model United Nations is to gain skills in debates and discussions in order to develop international understanding and tolerance.

“It is a very good opportunity because it is the second best MUN in Colombia.” Maria Correa, a delegate from 8th grade who also planned on going to Valledupar, said.

The initial cost of the trip was around two million pesos if the minimum amount of students went, the price could vary due to the amount of students going.

“If more people signed up,” Echavarria said, “the amount of payment that each individual had to pay was going to be less.”

According to the website of BIMUN, Fundación Colegio Bilingue de Valledupar has hosted Model United Nations for 17 years. While The Columbus School has hosted it for 21 years.

“I think going to MUNs is worth it,” Sofia Valencia a delegate from 10th grade, said  “because it helps you grow not only as a person but as an international citizen.”

However, this year there are various trips going on in the school, for example 8th grade is going to la Guajira and 10th grade is going to Santander. 

“What is going on is that there are many trips in the school,” Johan Ocampo, Columbus School MUN coordinator, said  “and people can’t afford to go to that many trips.”

Usually, Columbus School students who participate in a MUN just participate in local events; yet, few go to other exterior MUNs.

 “It is really big, a lot of schools go,” Correa said “and traveling to a MUN outside your city is a very good opportunity.”