Learning Outweighed Results in Binationals Boys Futbol


HS boys futbol team competed in ACCAS tournament at Cojowa March 28-April 1.

Cristobal Jaramillo, Discoverer Staff Writer

HS boys futbol team finished fifth in the ACCAS futbol tournament at Cojowa March 28 – April 1 winning their final match 2-0 against Colegio Bolivar.

TCS finished second out of seven teams in the group phase after winning five out of six games. After qualifying, TCS lost by penalties against Colegio Bilingüe in the knockout phase. 

“Although we’re disappointed with the result, as a team we learned so much from the competition. We are going to keep training and preparing for our next tournament,” Martin Vasquez, Grade 11, said.

Colegio Nueva Granada defeated KCP in the final after a tight result of 2-1 in penalties, winning the tournament.

“The teams in the tournament were really talented. CNG played aggressively, which was fundamental to them winning the competition. In my opinion, Gimnasio Ingles (G.I.) was the strongest team, as they were the only team to defeat us within the 90 minutes. The key to their success was their unity,” Tomas Arruba, Grade 10 captain, said.

14 teams from all around Colombia were involved in the fight for the championship including longtime rivals Bolivar, Colegio Nueva Granada, Gimnasio Ingles, Karl C. Parrish, Panamericano, Bureche, Granadino, and Cojowa. 

“We had an amazing time with our friends. The level of competition was very high as we encountered several well-prepared teams. I’ve participated in this tournament for several years now, and I’ve noticed that the level of competition has been increasing with each passing year,” Samuel Zuniga, Grade 10, said. 

Vasquez was the top scorer for TCS finishing with 8 goals in their 9 games. He was part of the dream team of the tournament. Zuniga also had a strong tournament finishing with 5 goals and 4 assists.

“It was not my best competition, but I feel that I played well. I am proud of myself because I gave my best and did everything possible for the team to win,” Vasquez said.

According to coach Urbano Mesa, the experience gained in the tournament outweighed the less than stellar results. The team emphasized that not taking advantage of key moments and unlucky outcomes in penalties impacted their results.

“In terms of results, we did badly, but in terms of the process that I have with the team, it was excellent. The team is very young, so this tournament allowed us to gain experience, learn a lot, and we were very united when playing as a team,” Mesa said.

Despite the low finish in the competition, boys futbol team is now looking forward to fighting for future championship. The team is really young, with no Seniors and only one 11th grader. 

“The team will not give up since we will train harder, put in even more effort, and strive to improve. We will take this as a learning experience that will make us even stronger in our future tournaments,” Zuniga said.