Changes in AP Human Geography

Emiliana Alvarez, Discoverer Staff Writer

AP Human Geography is now being taught by Brian Summers to the sophomores, juniors, and seniors after Kaylan Doyle, former AP Human teacher moved due to a new job offer.

AP Human Geography, often known as AP Human, is a college-level course offered at TCS. This class explores how humans have affected the environment and vice-versa. As mentioned before, Summers just started teaching this course at the beginning of the school year.

“So far I have really liked it, I mean it is a new curriculum for me so I am learning a lot as I go along in the teaching process so I feel it is valuable information that applies to a lot of current situations that are going on in the world right now,” Brian Summers, new AP Human teacher said.

AP Human Geography covers seven units of understanding. Including analyzing patterns, processes of population, and studying different places.

“You got to understand that this is a university-level class so I feel that it is pretty hard. I am trying to minimize it as much as I can and still give a proper workload,” Summers said, “so I think I have given you guys a decent workload that should be handled with the expectation that you are taking a university-level class.”

Summers tries to encourage students to participate in class discussions. However, he is faced with the challenge of virtuality.

“I feel that if we were obviously face to face there would be a lot more discussions where you guys actually get to ask questions and participate that way,” Summers said,  “(…)Discussions are really hard to do online because it is tough to engage with someone when you can’t see them or you are not in the same place as them.”

Most AP classes are known for having a high workload. This is due to the fact that they are college-level courses so consequently the workload increases.

“It may sound difficult because it is an AP but it is actually really fun and you learn a lot, I have learned a lot. My advice is just to concentrate because there is a lot of stuff and a lot of information,” Garces said “If you really like it and you feel that it is going to help you in your life and future definitely go for it.”