TCS Community Embracing the Thanksgiving Spirit


Recollection of the piggy banks by the foundations staff

Lucia Gaviria Vesga, Discoverer Staff Writer

Following the tradition that takes place on November 27, every year, The Columbus School Foundation plans to collect money to gift the maintenance staff, thanking them for their hard work.

The foundation has planned this recollection for almost 10 years. Piggy banks are handed out to the classrooms around campus enabling students and teachers to donate. Elementary school and Middle have done a great job, but high school has been lacking interest.

“It is a strategy that is done in different parts of the school, to show gratitude to our maintenance employees. They are the ones who do a very hard job throughout the year and what holds our school together at the end of the day, is them,” Camilo Polanco, Foundation Director, said.

As demonstrated by Polanco, these people are the ones to be thanked for the impeccable job they perform daily at TCS. Also, there is a specific goal to achieve for this solidary campaign.

“We have 63 maintenance members, the campaign lasts 2 months, and the goal is to collect six million three hundred thousand pesos. At this time we have three million five hundred thousand pesos, therefore we need to push the campaign a little,” Sonia Franco, Foundation administrative assistant, said.

The targeted amount is almost attained, this year’s gift has been thought upon crucial necessities, and will be a compilation of household items. 

“This year, the gift includes a home kit where they will have some pots, sheets, towels, blankets, pillows, items for their homes that help their well-being. The money to buy this comes from the piggy banks of the school,” Polanco said.

Even though most of the school members show interest in this cause, many others lack a Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit.

“I see a lot of interest in Elementary and Middle School, but some interest is lost in high school. Some teachers have not understood the strategy, because we have found three hundred thousand pesos piggy banks in elementary and only 20 thousand pesos in high school,” Polanco said.

Students are encouraged by the teacher in some classes, but other piggy banks are forgotten on the shelves.

“I am aware of the “Alcancia” program, but about a week ago because my friend told me, but I have not donated because I forget and teachers don’t encourage it enough,” Daniela Ruiz, 11th-grade student, said.

Based on the lack of donations from high school students, the foundation partners with NHS (National Honor Society), to seek different alternatives for collecting money. 

 “Since this year the foundation of the school has contacted us, NHS members, to raise funds for the maintenance staff gifts. This measure was taken because in high school there wasn’t enough recollection of money,” Isabel Jaramillo, NHS member, said. 

The bake sale was held for high school and middle school and aside from selling goodies, they sold candy grams too, because of the same cause.

“It looks clean and beautiful thanks to them. The process to recollect the money is just a small token of our appreciation compared to the work they do,” Polanco said.