What’s the ISC impact on TCS seniors?


Tomas Moreno and Isabella Murillo, TCS Seniors, at their ISC presentation.

Samuel Susaeta Martinez, Discoverer Staff Writer

TCS seniors presented their ISC on May 27 & 28, sharing their experiences and what social issue they presented to their companies.

The ISCs were presented to students, teachers, and parents during the two days. A project they had been working on for at least 6 months, a lot of preparation and organization had to come from both, the students and the school to be able to present some incredibles ISCs. But nothing is perfect and some complications did show up.

“I do think that there was a lack of planning because for example when I was going to go to my company, they asked me for an student insurance policy and I didn’t had one because the school hadn’t provided me with one.So I had to come back to the school and ask for it and I found out I wasn’t the only one with the same problem,” Ricardo Perez, The Columbus School Senior, said.

But one implication didn’t prevent seniors to learn a lot from this experience and get the most out of the two weeks they worked at their selected companies.

“I think we could have used more time to do some impact on the company your are going to work in, but I also see it as the experience we gained during this two weeks, how much we learned and many people we got to meet,” Tomas Moreno, The Columbus School Senior, said.

During those two weeks, they needed to solve a problematic that the school had given to them.

“The purpose of the project as such I think it’s really pertinent because it is about solving social issues in a responsible way , specifically, social innovation, which I think it is really important for the world and especially Medellín since it is becoming a very innovative city socially wise and there’s a lot of field to mark with that specific problematic and there’s a lot that can be done,” Perez, said.

This project helps students get a little taste of the real world and how it works, and how it is to work under the management of someone else.

“I think it is a great project to experiment on what you want to do for the rest of your life and realize if the path you are talking is really the one you want to be in for the rest of your life,” Moreno, said