The ISP is Bringing Dreams to Reality

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The ISP is Bringing Dreams to Reality

Samuel Vieira, Discoverer Staff Writer

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The ISP is more than just a final project for a lot of students. For some, it’s an opportunity to finally turn their lifelong dreams into reality.

Sergio Osorio’s ISP was on  the Mexican Football Team, and even though the main aspect of his project was health, he couldn’t help but get involved with football.

“For my entire life I’ve had a relationship with soccer, my father has been involved with it for many years and it has always been a part of my life,” explained  Osorio. “I took this as an opportunity along with Federico to explore things we love and also come up with a way we could help the community.”

His partner, Federico Caro, has also had a lifelong passion for Football, and ever since he was a little boy he looked up to the football players of the Mexican Team for inspiration. When he chose Sergio to partner up on the ISP, he was able to explore some other passions of his.

“I was really pumped when I talked with Checho and he told me to do the project with him, ” announced Federico Caro. “I really love football and love playing it, but I wanted to take this once in a lifetime chance to explore another side of me, by helping and preventing injuries in the players.”

These two aren’t the only ones turning their dreams into reality. For some it is football, while for others it is cars. Sebastian Arteaga and Pedro de la Roche are both doing their ISP with Ford, and exploring their love for cars with it.

“I wanted to do the ISP with Ford Performance, but it was really hard because there is no Performance department in Colombia, so we did it with Ford in general,” said Sebastian Arteaga. “The Focus RS is one of the best cars and one of my favorite cars. Luckily, I knew a friend who had the only one in Colombia.”

The ISP is an extremely important project. Not only for the students wanting to explore their career path, but also for students wanting to explore their passion. In this world of engineers and lawyers, it is good to be able to explore what you love.

“I love singing, but I just never got around to pursuing that passion, I felt like it was too hard to accomplish anything in that field, so I settled for something more reachable,” said Nicolas Restrepo “It’s not like I don’t like what I did for my ISP, I just think its better for other students to do something they love, instead of something in their comfort zone.”