Students Showcasing Both Sides of Ford at Their ISP


Samuel Vieira, Discoverer Staff Writer

Sebastian Arteaga and Pedro de la Roche took on one of the biggest car brands in Colombia, Ford, and decided to do their ISP with its dealership Vehiculos del Camino.

Vehiculos del Camino is a Ford and Mazda dealership and repair shop. It is one of the biggest in the country and it has a four story building here in Medellin. These two teenagers decided to do their ISP on this specific dealership for several reasons.

“We both are really into Ford cars, and we wanted to do it in their Ford Performance department,” explained Pedro de la Roche “but they don’t import those cars themselves, so we decided to do it in Vehiculos del Camino because it was the closest to it.”

Not only did they do it in one of the biggest dealerships in the country, but they also were able to get one of the most exclusive and powerful cars that Ford makes, the Focus RS.

“We wanted to make a little tribute to the Performance department at Ford, since we couldn’t do our ISP there,” said Sebastian Arteaga “since Ford doesn’t import performance cars, we had to go to a friend of mine who imported his own Focus RS to Colombia, and that is how we got it here.”

Not only did they focus on the cool cars that Ford makes, but since the ISP now has to entail some social project, these teenagers decided to base theirs in an untapped market here in Colombia, and specially in Medellin, the electric car business.

“When we went to Fort to pitch our social project, we told them that the electric car market here in Colombia is still really new,” said Sebastian Arteaga “more and more electric charging stations are popping up around the city, but not many people drive electric cars, so it was the perfect fit.”

Both De la Roche and Arteaga agreed that being ecologically conscious is the future, and it can mean a really high profit for Ford in Colombia, and being able to reduce the carbon footprint of our both local and national industry.

“We are really excited to see if Ford decides to come through with our idea,” said De la Roche “it would mean a lot to the economy and the environment, which we feel should come first in everyone’s minds.”