Senior Carpool 2018-2019


Credits: Google Earth

Alejandro Gomez, Staff Writer

Seniors driving to The Columbus School has been an issue of great controversy from the students since the beginning of time, and this year STUCO may be on the verge of finding a revolutionary solution.

Personeros have been trying to provide to students the commodity of driving to school but, for more than 6 years not one of them has implemented their proposal. Some of the reasons why students haven’t been able to change this policy are: parking spaces, traffic in and out of school, security and student access control.

However, others are not so sure that these are the specific reasons why TCS does not allow students to drive to school. “The school has this policy in place and is very strict on it, because in 2001 a student that was driving to school, crashed severely against another motorist and killed somebody in the other car,” said a reliable source from TCS administration to The Discoverer.  

Additionally, the source mentioned how hard it would be to make the school change the policy because of this tragedy, and also stated that what they have in place currently works.

“Changing the driving to school policy is not going to be an easy task. After STUCO presented the proposal in the “Consejo Directivo”, a committee conformed by Juan Fernando, Juan David, a STUCO member and I was designated to improve the one presented. After three meetings we think that we have something that benefits the students and also is in line with the school policies. Although it is hard to change something that already works very well,” said Mr.Roger Arbabi, High School principal at one of the meetings.

Mr. Arbabi went on to conclude the meeting and point a few more possibilities to be included. Unfortunately, The Discoverer was not able to quote on them.

“It is going to be tough, and STUCO has been working hard to make this a reality, but if we are able to make a change, even if it is small, I am going to be very happy,” said Pablo Monsalve, 2017-2018 TCS Personero.