Robotics Team’s Plans for the 2021 Season


The Lightning Blue Lizards after a successful season

Juan Lorenzo Gutierrez, Discoverer Staff Writer

Due to the lack of competitive opportunities, The Lightning Blue Lizards will focus this season on community service, working alongside public schools to help people with disabilities.

After realizing that they could no longer make trips outside of the country, the robotics team decided to give their full attention to the new season, which is entirely centered on helping Medellin’s community. The team has decided to help several people, including Laura, a woman who has difficulties performing her preferred sports.

“As a team, we do have a few projects and campaigns outline for after the FRC season, after the hopefully successful TOM, we do have a few campaigns outlined,” Santiago Valdes, Grade 10, said.

While not considered a game, this new season will still feature a competitive element between different teams. While there will be no robot contests, there is still a way for the Columbus School to earn success.

”Because we cannot do that [go on a trip outside the country], the heights got down, and we had to change the class, but we’re still happy to help and everything, but I feel that people would mainly like to compete.” Gabriel Meynard, a member of the robotics team, said.

Apart from the season, the robotics team also plans to participate in the upcoming TOM event, which they’re already planning for, and plans for more imminent occasions.

“During the past two months, we have been working on a design for a paralympic triathlete for her to improve her performance, whether cycling, running, or swimming.” Julian Zuñiga, Robotics Team Advisor, said.

2021 will prove to be a challenging year for the robotics team. While still suffering the wounds from the Covid virus, they plan to use what they’ve learned over the past year and put their brains together to help Medellín’s community.

“I came in personally with really no expectations because really none of us knew what the plan was, or what the idea was, but I think everything’s going to be very coordinated, and very…organized, very structured,” Valdes said.