Robotics Candle Night


Jose Correa Correa

Robotics table that will be used on candle night. VEX robots will be used for friendly human robot interaction.

Jose Correa, Discoverer Staff Writer

Robotics came for the first time this year to the Columbus School and it is planning to stay. For this they will present themselves during candle night where they will show everyone what their goal is.

The “Lightning Blue Lizzards” is the school’s first robotics team. They want to promote the team during candle night in the Columbus School so students, parents, and teachers contribute with the team.

“We are making a stand where people see what the robotics team is about. We will explain people that arrive what are we trying to do and what are our objectives,” Julian Zuñiga, Columbus School teacher and Robotics Team teacher, said.

The robotics team wants to present the team to everyone. They want to gather people to participate in the team in multiple ways.

“There are many ways they can participate. They can join the team in any of the 3 categories, programming, mechanics, or marketing. Also they can participate by giving a sponsorship in case he or she is owner of a business and wants to promote it with us. The last option could be by giving an economic donation to the team,” Pedro Hurtado, TCS 11th grade student and robotics team member, said.

The team is just starting and they are asking for money to be able to construct a proper robot in order to participate in the First Robotics Competition (FRC) during April on 2019 where thousands of teams will participate in order to win the regional matches and get to the finals that will be held in Miami Florida.

“This money will be invested on gathering materials and any software needed for the construction of the robot. Also this money goes for the needs of the members who are part of the official sector. Needs such as transportation and food. Everything will be used for helping the team and being able to construct a great robot,” Zuñiga said

The robotics team stand will be at the main hallway from the arts building. If you want to participate in any of the ways, you can go there and see what everything is about. Probably you end up participating on the First Robotics Competition.

“We want to make sure we make something fun, that is why we will make children interact with robots we have already built in order for them to also enjoy what we are doing. Everyone can participate in this,” Zuñiga said.