Pin Ceremony: A Virtual Success

Seniors and Teachers stand during the Senior Pin Ceremony Feb.10-12 in the TCS Theatre.

Seniors and Teachers stand during the Senior Pin Ceremony Feb.10-12 in the TCS Theatre.

Daniela Moncada, Discover Staff Writter

  The annual Senior Pin Ceremony was conducted on February 10th-12th at the TCS Theater, where Seniors were presented with the traditional senior pins.

Because of social distancing requirements, the Pin ceremony took three different ceremonies with about 30 seniors per day.

“There were measures before we came in of temperature disinfection and I think that was the most important as everyone was wearing a mask,” Camila Ceballos, 12th Grader, said.

 Families were not allowed to attend and watched the ceremony on Zoom. TSC Administrators, teachers, and students performing music attended physically. Though close family/friends couldn’t attend, the seniors were happy an event like this wasn’t canceled and that there was a way their families can watch.

“It was really nice because it’s one of the few events that the school has done for the seniors the only ones who were in attendance were the students the principles like Juan David and George and the teachers who gave speeches and also some students who were going to do musical performances, parents, and friends can watch everything Livestream,” Pablo Soto, 12th grader, said. 

 Bands performed as there were laughs and smiles from teachers, family, and friends. One of the bands performed and made a mistake while performing but instead of making it awkward, the audience just went along with it and shared laughs. For the Seniors, it was a warming moment as this was one of the events they were able to have since there have been events in the past that they had to miss out on that they looked forward to. 

 “The parents loved it and didn’t feel excluded from it, at least my parents did not. I was a part of the band so the reactions of the parents were amazing to it and to the whole ceremony. For example, there was another group in the band that one time they were singing and they forgot their lyrics and the audience just laughed and played along, so the environment was super cool because we haven’t had any ceremony really for us,” Marianna Román, Grade 12, said.

The Pin Ceremony ended with a band performance, each day would be two different performances on stage as they hand singers, bass, piano, and rap freestyle. Before being able to do these performances they had rehearsals along with making sure everything was covid safe, at the end everything turned out well and the audience had fun.

 “It was a very fun part of the Pin Ceremony, for example, the first day I performed with a friend 2 songs and the second day there was a band like bass, piano, singing, guitar, it was like the whole thing and then Friday they just kinda rapped and freestyled a song but it was very fun,” Roman said.

In the pin ceremony, four teachers gave out speeches. For the Seniors, these are memorable teachers as most of the students had them as their teachers. 

 “In every pin ceremony, the students get to choose as some of their most memorable teachers. Having the words and speeches from those teachers felt really nostalgic,” Román said.

The Seniors Receiving a pin means that they will always be a part of the school even when they leave and will carry the legacy of the school and remember the memories they made at TCS.

“Giving the pin according to the school is just giving a gift to the student that was part of the TCS community its something like a final gift that recognizes that you’ve been a part of this community and that you will still continue to be a part of it and still will carry the name of the school through your life and through your professional career,” Pablo Soto, Grade 12, said.