Our School, Our Home.


Gregorio Correa

The Columbus School student council representatives.

Sebastian Solorzano, Discoverer Staff Writer

A new campaign is being developed by the Columbus School Student Council in order to incentives students to get a sense of belonging of the school’s facilities next bimester. 

Representatives from elementary, middle school and high school are working along many of the schools departments to create a school wide movement. 

“Currently we are having issues with students not making proper use of the spaces, which is really concerning,” Gregorio Correa, STUCO’s president, said. 

Over the last couple months the school has dealt with multiple issues with students miss treating property. Plates are not being taken to their corresponding places, silverware is getting lost and chairs are being broken. 

“We want students to take good care of cafeteria, new library and classrooms more like if it belongs like them,” Santiago Correa, STUCO’s secretary general, stated. 

Kids at the school do not generally take care of school property as most of them do not feel like it’s their responsibility. This is especially concerning considering the opening of the new library which was a significant investment for the school. 

“I believe students take for granted the work of the people who help maintain the campus. This is a problem that has to be addressed,” Juliana Mesa, Grade 11, said. 

It’s not just STUCO, but also many juniors and seniors that have noticed this is an issue. The student council is planning on doing multiple school wide events to raise awareness. 

“We want to have maintenance not pick up garbage for a couple of days so that we can have activities in which students go out to clean up the school.” Restrepo mentioned. 

STUCO is not only working with maintenance but also the administrations, Sociales and art department. Sociales classes in middle school will be used to present new ideas to the kids while the art department will work along creating posters and other visuals to promote the campaign. Ultimately the only way to finally create a solution for this issue is that students to become  conscious of how they are treating the school.  

“This is our home. The school is our place and we need to take care of it.” Correa, said.