NHS Raises Money to Pay for AP Exams


Simon Giraldo and Camila Velez, High school students, buy treats brought by NHS members, Sofia Piedrahita, Andrea Fernandez, and Maria Jose Velez, during lunch on Tuesday, March 5.

Andrea Ochoa, Discoverer Staff Writer

NHS members will have a bake sale for High school and Middle School students, where the money collected, will work as economic aid for families to pay the AP exams.

Since the school no longer pays 50% of the AP exams, the NHS board took action. Members will bring treats to sell on March 5, 7, 12, and 14 during window and lunch of HS and MS in their cafeteria.

“As leaders, NHS took the decision to pay or help pay exams for successful students,” Paloma Urrea, NHS member, said.

The board’s goal is to reach one million and two hundred pesos with the sale which will help three families chosen by the schools’ financial committee. They are hoping that if all students engage in the sale, the goal will be highly surpassed. The school already knows about the situation of some families but they also sent a form for them to fill if they needed help.

“The NHS board doesn’t have a say on the people who will receive the help because they restrict us from knowing that information,” Maria Antonia Aristizabal, NHS treasurer, said.

NHS president and vice president asked members with their own business if they could stop selling these days. This would encourage the other students to buy from the bake sale and raise more money. At first, the petition shocked them, but when understanding the use, they were on board.

“When I heard the actual cause, I reconsidered the opinion because I want people to thrive in their academic life,” Urrea said.

NHS members are worried that students with a lot of talent are losing the opportunity to show their skills because their parents are not capable or do not want to pay for the exams. The purpose is to give these students an opportunity to show how good they are and to waste the talent present in The Columbus School.

“It is heartwarming that the TCS community helps each other out to enhance their abilities and promote success among us,” Aristizabal said.