Medellín Gourmet: An Exciting Culinary Experience

Medellín celebrated Medellín Gourmet an event that promotes the gastronomic industry in the city in October.

Sofia Nuñez Guerrero, Discoverer Staff Writer

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  • Medellin has increased tremendously in the gastronomic industry in the past years, becoming an attraction for locals and tourists. Provenza is an area home to 68 restaurants in Medellin and participates in about 10 gastronomic events annually.

  • Medellin gourmet is an event hosted twice a year in Medellin. This event encourages people to taste a designated menu from participating restaurants, at a lower price than usual. “The event generates gastronomic culture and cookers deal with appropriate offers to generate the best experiences” Lorenzo Villegas, gastro turistic journalists, said.

  • Medellin Gourmet has its own web page where you are able to choose the restaurant of your choice.

  • Sushi Burrito is one of the participants of Medellin Gourmet for 2018.

  • Each restaurant participating has its Menu set on every table. This allows customers that do not know anything about this event to gain knowledge.

  • Each menu is accompanied by two bottles of Hatsu of your choice of flavor or two cups of wine.

  • Customers are able to choose from three different options of entrees in every restaurant. In Sushi Burrito, this is an entree called Krusty Krab, it has crab meat and cream cheese.

  • Customers can also choose between three different meals. In Sushi Burrito, this is the Sumo Crunch burrito, it has crab meat, avocado, shrimp, carrot, lettuce, and caramelized leek.

  • Medellin gourmet also includes a choice of dessert, this is the chocolate mousse from Sushi Burrito.

  • The two masterminds that created this event where Jorge Gomez (right) and Juan Felipe Echeverri (left). “It's been five years contributing to the building of the gastronomic field, we worry about generating dynamism and raising the consumption,” Gomez said. (Photo courtesy of Medellin Gormet)