La Causa: the outstanding combination between Japan and Peru

A perfect dish in La Causa, showcasing the variety in the menu which includes flavors like sushi and ceviche.

A perfect dish in La Causa, showcasing the variety in the menu which includes flavors like sushi and ceviche.

Tatiana Botero, Discoverer Editor

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Medellin has become one of the most visited cities in Colombia for aspects such as the exceptional food it offers. From the astonishing tipico, to some of the most acclaimed international restaurant with flavors roaming Japanese, Italian, Peruvian, and many more; the choices are endless. However, La Causa still stands out over other delicious restaurants in the eternal spring city. Since its opening in 2015, its Nikkei inspired flavors catch every clients’ attention, offering both Peruvian and Japanese dishes full of distinct experiences in every bite. Located in both Laureles and Medellin’s restaurant hot-spot: calle 10, La Causa is the number one restaurant both locals and tourists need to visit if they seek amazing quality dishes and outstanding ambiance.

Starting off with everyone’s number one priority, food in La Causa is as good as it can get. First, all of the dishes are always properly cooked and perfectly balanced in flavor. Products such as risotto-like rice, which are sometimes hard to get right, are of the restaurants specialties. For example, the Nazca rice focuses on the flavor of four different types of cheese which are complimented with breaded shrimp and salted mushrooms. Not only is this specific dish exquisite, it is also so abundant that it is perfect for sharing and very appealing to the eye. Additional to being filling and satisfactory, it also has a perfect price-quality ratio that many other restaurants fail to accomplish. Ammazza for instance, where this type of dish is their specialty, tells a different story. Their mushroom risotto which is also undoubtedly good, roams a similar price to la Causa’s Nazca; yet, doesn’t offer a protein selection such as steak, chicken or shrimp that La Causa does. In general, every dish I have personally tried in La Causa (which are a lot) are all significantly better than the one before and the next one I might encounter in another restaurant.

Sometimes overlooking food’s high quality, ambiance and environment is still a deal breaker for some customers when in comes to restaurants, and La Causa’s is exceptionally great. It is a small restaurant, yet it has the best atmosphere to it. The decor is simple yet beautiful; focusing on wood, some touches of green plants and a lot of warm colored lights to provide comfort and pleasure. Specially at the tables outside, it is perfect to offer customers a taste of tourist life in Medellin. Comparing the atmosphere to a restaurant such as Naan, La Causa really does pay attention to providing its customers with satisfaction. Naan is a lot a darker and a more tightly closed space, with less life and not projecting as much warmth and comfort as La Causa. This Nikkei specialized restaurant, really does radiate overall happiness, elegance and well being towards its customers.

However, because every rose has its thorn, facility in La Causa is one of the few things that could be slightly improved. Even though the restaurant is located in one of the most acclaimed places in town, parking lot is nearly impossible to get. Unless customers are willing to pay a clearly overpriced valet parking, forget about being able to visit the restaurant in a personal vehicle. It’s an issue that the restaurant shouldn’t be facing, because right across the street Romero and Delirio have a private parking lot which allows their customers with the facility to go have dinner in the comfort of their own car. Parking lot availability could be one of the aspects that influences customers to decide not to go to La Causa, and it would be such a shame that the amazing food and environment are overshadowed by this aspect pending for improvement.

Not only are La Causa’s ambience and food quality amazing, but it also offers such a variety of options like as sushi, ceviche, and traditional peruvian drinks. Because of this and other exceptional experiences, this restaurant should be a must-go for any Medellin resident that wishes to please their taste buds while enjoying the cities’ incredible environment.