Juniors work on promoting The Discoverer


Juniors, Isabela Molina and Tatiana Botero, presenting The Discoverer and their proposal to promote it.

Camila Escorcia, Discoverer Staff Writer

For their last English project as juniors, some of them chose to do a creative project to help promote The Discoverer and make it a greater part of the TCS community.

After one year of working for The Discoverer, the TCS school’s newspaper, you really learn to love it. For Juniors, this has become the best way to express their feelings about the school issues that are commonly faced and to write about their passions. This last bimester some of the juniors had the opportunity to leave a legacy and by creating a creative project help promote and involve more people in this newspaper.

Eliana Lopez and Laura Loaiza both juniors wanted to make sure that the school realized that this isn’t just a High School newspaper but that instead, it is a newspaper that includes everyone in the school no matter what grade they are in.

“ We wanted to raise awareness on what the discoverer was back in elementary and in higher years, for elementary grades that are able to read we decided to introduce them to the discoverer and we ask them what stories they found interesting,” said Lopez.

After meeting with the elementary students and realizing they had really good stories, this group worked through some ideas to make sure that the ideas that these kids had were included in the newspaper.

“We posted some posters around the school where they could write their name and a brief description of the story so when a discoverer writer saw the poster they could go and interview the kid and get the details enough to cover the story,” said Lopez.

Another group conformed by Sara Arriola and Camilo Pastrano wanted their project to have a different approach and so they came up with an idea to get more people to participate more in the reading part of the discoverer.

“We created a poster to hang around the school that has different QR codes that can take you to the articles that you see that can interest you in the newspaper,” said Arriola.

Other seniors, Isabela Molina and Tatiana Botero, worked on another way to include more students to have the initiative to write in the newspaper so that it would not only be the juniors in charge of writing the stories.

“Our first step was to present a powerpoint introducing the discoverer and then we talked about our proposal which was to create a contest so that people would write articles and they could send them to the discoverer and the one that is best written would get to be published,” said Molina.

With different Ideas to include the whole school in multiple ways, the Juniors accomplished their goal to promote The Discoverer.

“The goal was that The Discoverer would open their doors new writers from around the school and that everyone is able to contribute to the school’s newspaper,” said Molina.