HS VP Absent for Three Weeks After Injury


David Palacios

The office of Darian Geroge, empty after his injury.

David Palacios, Discoverer Staff Writer

High School VP George injured his right foot on October 26 during a basketball game in the HS Coliseum when he was dribbling and tried to pass the ball.

He has been going through MRI and other procedures in order to find out if he is going to need surgery.

“We know that he is going to be out until November 15, so that will be probably three weeks and this is the first week without him on campus. We really miss him.”

The job of the vice principal is vital for a school to function. It ranges from disciplinary issues, helping the teachers, hiring and many other tasks. Taking care of all these tasks requires work, and therefore filling the VP’s shoes while he is gone is opposing an exceptional challenge.

“There are different things that we are doing , we have a role here in school called instructional coaches so some of those coaches have been very helpful by being more present in the hallways and in the cafeteria so everything that has to do with presence in the hallways, which is a very important role for the VP other people are helping with that,” Juan David Lopez, High School Principal, said.

Due to George’s absence a role as acting Vice Principal opened up and it has been partially filled by Tommy Meyer, a math teacher from Middle School. His job is based around making sure kids are not tardy, meeting with parents for behavioral and learning difficulties and responding to disciplinary issues among many others.

“The biggest challenge for me is splitting time between middle school and also coming here to help in HS, basically the scheduling because I am also a math teacher.” Tommy Meyer, the acting VP said.

A school is meant to function in a specific and complex way. Everyone has a role that they have to complete in order for the school to function. If one of the most important members of the school is absent there is a risk for the school.

“When someone is absent, it is very important to be a team, not only the teachers but also the students.” Lopez, said.

 Mr. George has made a good connection with students and the absence of his presence in the hallways is well noticeable due to the fact that a huge portion of his job is based on dealing with all kinds of issues related to students, among many others.

“It feels a little bit different since Mr. George’s absence. He represents authority and law in some way and that is really important due to the fact that even though many of the things he does,  cannot be seen directly, he manages almost all of the disciplinary issues and that is very important,” Agustin Alzate, 11th Grade STUCO, said.

This led to a growing concern from the students regarding the  There has been a growing concern among the students regarding Mr. George’s absence.

“There have been some people that have told me that they have felt like there have been fewer rules enforced or fewer consequences because of his absence,” Alzate, said.