Current Sports Uniforms to Undergo Major Changes


Athletic Department Photo

The current uniform designs for the Boys and Girls High School Sports Teams. A committee of students, parents and administrators are considering changes to these uniforms to improve durability and update the designs.

Juana Díez , Discoverer Staff Writer

A committee of parents, students and school administrators led by AD Freddy Badillo met on November 5th to consider changes to the fabric and design of the schools sports uniforms.

Many students and parents have complained about the quality and the design of the sports uniforms. The purpose of the first meeting was to reach agreement on the fabric and design of future uniforms for the boys and girls basketball, soccer and volleyball teams.

“No one likes the yellow uniform because it is an ugly tone of yellow. I would rather have a white uniform because it would look so much better,” Marianna Román, 11th grade volleyball player, said. 

The committee wants to ensure that the fabric is of high quality to guarantee durability. The current sports uniform has a fabric that some students consider that is of bad quality. 

“The quality is not that great, because it shrinks and it isn’t very flexible for athletes that move a lot. I bought my uniform last year and had to buy a new one this year because the uniform had shrunk,” Román said. 

One of the main challenges faced by the committee is to reach an agreement which will satisfy all student athletes. While some students are concerned with the current fabric of the uniforms, others think the quality is good enough. 

“The uniform is made of a very good fabric, it is very good for the sport. I have had my soccer uniform for three years now and it hasn’t damaged. It has a few stains and scratches but nothing big,” Daniela Cataldo, 10th grade soccer player, said.

In order to improve the quality of the fabric, the price of the uniform would have to go up. This concerns the committee because they are aware that not all students are willing to pay a higher price. 

“If the price goes higher it would not be good and it is better to keep the uniforms we already have. If the price goes up I would probably borrow the uniform from someone else,” Cataldo said. 

The committee also wants to renovate the design of the current sports uniform considering that it hasn’t been changed since 2017.  In 2017, the Athletic Council which is made up by students designed the current sports uniforms.

“In the future we can make a few changes so that the design is not always the same,” Cataldo said.