COSMUN 2020 Sub-Secretaries Elected


Sub Secretary Salome Beyer and Vice President Tomas Ortiz, are engaged by the debate taking place at the International Military Tribunal between the jurys.

Pedro Jimenez R, Discoverer Staff Writer

Salome Beyer and Camila Ceballos  were chosen as the new Sub Secretaries this past 12 of April during the 19th COSMUN event. They will start to exert this job in the upcoming model 2019-2020.

The assembly took place in the Columbus School High School theater and had an audience of 550 people composed of: delegates, student body, teaching staff and parents. The main purpose was to select next years Sub-Secretaries from the High School candidates.

“There was 5 of us running for Sub-Secretary: Camila Ceballos, Pablo Soto, Isabel Jaramillo, Gregorio Noreña and me,” Salome Beyer, 10th grader at TCS and current Sub-Secretary for COSMUN 2019-2020, said.

COSMUN requires a lot of preparation as you have to do a whole portafolio full of information about the model you are in. In addition to this, your academic performance has to be excellent to be able to participate in this event.

“It is a huge challenge, being the top two of COSMUN is no easy job and I felt a lot of pressure while competing for it.” Juan Felipe Gaviria 11th grader at The Columbus School and Sub Secretary of COSMUN 2018-2019, said.

To excel in COSMUN, you also have to master the skill of problem solving under stressful situations. Only by achieving this will your work outdo others and and be detected by the necessary people.

“There are situations that are going to be naturally stressful as Sub- Secretary. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be a stressful job, you eventually learn to face challenges and obstacles calmly,” Manuela Betancur, 12th grader at TCS and current General Secretary of COSMUN 2018-2019, said.

Participating in this models will generate some qualities  that school won’t. This emotions are very common to be felt in other professional careers.

“This kind of feeling and decisions either you win or loose will be a feeling you’ll have to  confront throughout all your life,” Enrique Macia Teacher at TCS and chief of COSMUN 2019-2020, said.

This COSMUN election brought multiple emotions to the student body and staff before and after the closing assembly. After 5 years of work, audience talking and portafolio and article evaluations, Salome was going to find out if it was all worth it.

“I think I had never been that stressed in my life. I was very scared because this is a dream that I have had since 6th grade, and it was very hard to realize that that dream would could be real in mere hours. But at the same time I was confident with my work in COSMUN 2019 and I knew that I had done my very best to win the sub-secretary,” Beyer, said.