Burger Master Run Continues

Burger master’s national logo. A sign of excitement for many.

Burger master’s national logo. A sign of excitement for many.

Pedro Jimenez R, Discoverer Staff Writer

The 3rd Burger Master begun this past April 29th in Medellin, bringing culinary experiences to the city along with an excruciating increase in the popularity of the event in relation to past years.

The event that Tulio Recomienda created, sold more than 3 million hamburgers. It was located not only in Antioquia, but across different restaurants in the major cities of Colombia. A variety restaurants created the best burger they could, presenting it to the public at an accessible price.

”My father really wanted to create a competition of which was the best burger, especially in Medellin and he came out with the idea of each restaurant making their own burger and selling it at a affordable price,” Daniel Zuloaga, 11th grader of The Columbus School and Tulio Zuloaga’s son, said.

During the competition, every restaurant participating must deliver an specific burger which they will sell at 11.000.00 COP, with the goal of being chosen as the most delicious. Restaurants such as: “La Abarroteria”, “Grill Station” and “Juicy Lucy” are the ones who draw the most attention.

“It is a huge deal, because those are burgers that are very expensive. For example the last Burger Masters burger in ‘Jabali’ is now at 35.000 thousand pesos and to be able to have the opportunity to buy it  for 11.000 thousand pesos is incredible,” Samuel Susaeta, 11th grader at The Columbus School, said.

“I’m definitely looking forward to the next event as I think it is a great opportunity for you to have fun time with your family and eat delicious food for fair prices,” Samuel Susaeta, 11th grader at The Columbus School, said.

Many of the participating restaurants have headquarters all over Medellin, making the contest approachable for everyone. Every year, as the event grows, more people are encouraged to leave their homes just to enjoy the Burger Master with family and friends. For Colombian citizens it’s a popular practice to gather around this type of events and try the local cuisine.

“To this event, I went first with of all with my friends and then I decided to take my parents as I thought it was great,” Susaeta said.

Furthermore, it has become more than a competition, it is an opportunity to try excellent food at a low-cost in restaurants around town, and a tradition.

“My family has received very positive comments, I think that everyone likes eating for a cheap price and the food having a good quality. I think my father has created a cultural movement of food throughout all Colombia,” Zuloaga said.