2019 TCS Graduate Releases Hit Single “Pago yo”

Song cover of Antonias hit single

Courtesy of publimetro.com

Song cover of Antonia’s hit single

Nicolas Mejia, Discoverer Staff Writer

TCS graduate Antonia Velasquez, Class `19, better known by her artistic name Antonia Jones,  made her dream come true by releasing her first song, “Pago yo” on October 24th. 

Her song is out in Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, and youtube, getting more than 150k views in the first day, and more than 692k views as of November 24th. She produced her song with the help of the record label JM World Music, since December of last year. 

“The specific song is recorded by myself and what  mean by myself is that there is only my voice on it, but I received help from producers and composers who have been working with artists such as J Balvin, Reykon, and Maluma,” Jones said.

She received some help from professional artists although, she does all of the vocals. She also received help from some producers and influential recorders for the final release of her incredible song “Pago yo”. 

“Yeah, she got help from a studio called JM World Music and they helped her with all of the process and the planning,” said Cristobal Velasquez, Antonia’s younger brother.

Her song has a message empowering women and changing the roles that the society as a whole has on women that men are the ones that always pay,  when it comes to a dinner date or something similar.

“I love that song I think it’s empowering women because we can change the roles that society tells us to be,” said Rosario Navarro, student at TCS. 

Antonia Jones has been singing ever since she was a little girl. Her family shared some of the stories of how she used to sing when she was sad or happy about something. Singing to her is more like a natural thing. 

“I started singing in my life for as long as I can remember so singing just came naturally to me, I really don’t remember if I started talking or singing first,” Jones said. 

Since she was a child she has worked for her dream to come true, the making of the song and the producing lasted about a week, according to Jones. It was a hard process, but thanks to all of the help they were able to accomplish it on time for the release date. 

“The making of the song lasted about three days, the recording about two, and then producing and mastering and mixing about another week,” Jones said.