Girls Choose Sneakers over Heels


Maria Escobar Toro, Valeria Ochoa, and Valentina Vélez showing off their sneakers at Ivana’s quinceañera party with their friends Julián Gomez, and Lucas Hall.

Andrea Ochoa, Discoverer Staff Writer

A sneaker is a soft shoe worn for sports or casual occasions, or at least, that’s what its purpose was until this year. High heels are supposed to make the girls’ body silhouette glamorous, but they are tired of feeling uncomfortable and getting hurt thanks to this type of shoe.

Girls also think they can make a fashion statement because they are also going to look awesome in a way nobody else is. “With sneakers, you look cooler, and they are different, which is something heels lack off,” Paloma Urrea, an 11th-grade student, said.

What effects Heels Cause

Although heels can make an outfit look elegant, they have horrible long-term effects for the body which will no longer make the woman look beautiful. According to The Spine Health Institute, 72% of women use high heels at some time. With heels, the chest and the lower back are pushed forward which causes the hips and the spine to go out of alignment. Heels also place extreme pressure on the heels and on the ankles due to the fact they are putting the feet to walk in a constant inclined plane.

“They are very uncomfortable because they don’t have the required support for the feet, so sometimes when you walk you can twist your ankle, or you can fall,” Isabela Molina, a 12th grader at TCS, said.

Molina also states that wearing heels can also have dangerous effects regarding the fact that it’s impossible to stay in heels for hours, so you will be barefoot for the entire night. She personally experienced the pain of a glass getting caught in her foot while dancing which is something that can cause very dangerous effects.

“It didn’t get infected and it luckily wasn’t a big glass that could’ve caused major consequences,” Molina said.

On the other hand, when the body is in a flat shoe or a sneaker, spine is mostly straight, the calf muscle is relaxed, and the body weight is well distributed on the foot. The body will thank you later.


Celebrities are often followed everywhere by Paparazzi and they are constantly talked and criticized about everything they do. This is a reason why they would maintain a perfect but uncomfortable look with high heels. But this year, sneakers were no longer used only for casual looks for the airport or for the gym. According to Footwear News, Even Emily Ratajkowski, which is a well-known model, wore sneakers for a red carpet to an event at Mykonos. Celebrities are influencers for the common people; they usually copy what they use or wear. When girls see these models and actresses like Kendall Jenner, or Selena Gomez that are the world’s beauty prototype, break the beauty fashion requirements and still look amazing, they feel inspired to also do it.

“The style that is seen in celebrities impacts the society so the trend started because of them and social media,” Alejandro Escobar, an 11th-grade student, said.

Themed Parties

The trend has not just taken over the looks, but it has also taken over the parties. There has been already two themed parties from students of The Columbus School where guests are in fact forced to wear a dress with sneakers. The hosts wanted their guests to have fun and not worry about having bruises in their feet afterward.

“I wanted everyone to dance and be comfortable without taking their shoes off,” Ivana Restrepo, host of one of the themed parties, said.

When they made the decision to make their party with this theme, they were not just thinking in their guests but also on themselves. They wanted to make their own party the best party for them too.

“To be honest I made this decision because I knew from the beginning I wanted to enjoy my party and in order to do that I was never going to wear heels,” Paloma Urrea, host of one of the themed parties, said.

What Boys Think

At parties, most girls want to call boys’ attention, so they dress according to what makes them think girls look awesome, including heels. Most would think that sneakers would make them less beautiful. Some boys argue this is not true, if the girl sets her mind that she looks pretty then she will do so.

“Girls look amazing whether they are in heels or not, is just a matter of their self-esteem,” Agustin Jaramillo, a 12th grader said.

Others think there are a lot of dresses and a variety of tennis so they can mix and match to make the perfect outfit and call their attention at a party.

“If they do it right they can still make a fashion statement and look stylish,” Escobar, said.