The Magic of “The 4k City”


Candelaria Arango

K4 students working in their current project of the Magic Room.

Candelaria Arango , Discoverer Staff Writer

K4 students are working with their English teachers on their Q1 project  “ The City” in the Magic Room to learn about recycling and the important buildings a city has this project will be happening the whole quarter. 

Kindergarten students work on their projects once a week and  develop different skills like teamwork and social skills . Students also students also gain values and learn   about the important attributes of a city. The projects are being done in the Magic Room, which is a place where lower elementary students do projects with recycled material.

“This project helps them to make real life connections and express themselves in their work and learn new things,” Javi Velez, 4K English Teacher, said. 

Students are connecting this project to real life situations as they are learning what jobs are available in a city and who works in those buildings. Students are also getting the opportunity to express themselves creatively with the decoration of  the building and the selection of the location.

“At this age their brains are like sponges so if they start to learn how to recycle in this type of work they will practice these things on their own,” Camila Vidal, K4 Homeroom Teacher, said.

Teachers believe their students are learning a lot about recycling and how to do it. They get the opportunity to go visit the recycling area of the school and choose their materials. Additionally, they learn about the different types of recycled materials such as boxes, cans, and plastic. Teachers hope that, by merging  recycled material with art, students will actually learn more about the importance of recycling. 

“They work with geometric figures, colors, patterns a lot of cognitive and emotional skills that the kids can use and benefits them construct the city in the Magic Room”  Vidal said 

According to the website WebMD, the ages of four  and five are crucial for kids to develop divergent types of skills like motor skills, creativity skills, and social skills. These skills are being developed by recognizing the shapes of buildings, painting them, working in teams, and working with authentic real world scenarios. 

“This project makes us teachers and students very happy, because they learn and we see them grow into great human beings,” Velez said.

The English Teachers Committee, with school’s help, will be doing a distinct  environmental project once a unit. The teachers believe that the kids have a great privilege because they can learn about recycling and improve their skills from a young age. 

“In K4 it is very important to build a healthy community and this project helps to [create]  it,” Vidal said. 

The Lower Elementary Teacher Committee agrees with how this project is growing and with how the Magic Room it contributes to the generation of a healthy relationships  between students. 

“I like the Magic Room because it makes me happy that we learn things and we paint,” Pedro Angel, a 4k student involved in the project, said.