Finally! Sports day for Middle School


Simon Abisaad, Discoverer Staff Writer

June 5th 2018, the day that for the First time in TCS history, Middle School had Sports day.

For many years, TCS has have the tradition of having sports day during on of the last days of the school year. Even though this tradition is old and successful, the only one that have this privilege are Elementary School students. This year things changed, and Middle School students had their own sports day. After many trials, TCS aloud it to happen, and it was worth it.

“What we made yesterday, was for the first time having an approach to what is Sports day for Middle School in the history of the school,” Luis Fernando Rodriguez, PE,soccer coach, and Sports day organizer shared.

Few things are missing to make Middle School Sports day be the same experience as the one students have in Elementary. The day was similar, but few things are still being approved by Middle School Administration to make it the same. For example, Sports day is usually the whole day, Middle School have it for 3 hours and 15 minutes.

“The idea is to start having spaces of this type for Middle School and High School.” Rodriguez announced.

As Nando shared, this is a process in which school sports department is working on, with the eyes on the future, and expecting to achieve their goal, and make a complete, fun, and competitive Sports day for the whole school.

“It was a really accurate, precise, and adequate activity for ending the school year.” Freddie Augusto Mesa, 8th grade spanish teacher, and Sports day sponsor claimed.

Activities such as a Sports day are perfect, not only because of what is all about, but because of the time of the year when it happens. Activities like this one, stops the last days of school from being a torture, and turn the into something exciting and interesting for students.

“For the planning, we made a teamwork in the department of PE, and we took the decision of using homeroom classes to build the teams.” Rodriguez reveal.

As nando mentioned, homeroom classes were used, with the idea of preventing students finding their own teams, by similar characteristics, and also, the idea behind this, was preventing Sports day from becoming unfair.

“With Sports day, school is not only looking to integrate students or generate spaces of recreation for students, but also looking forward to establish and set up organized episodes such as this one.” Mesa declared.

Behind a day in which students would have exaggerated fun, and will remember their childhood, there are many other reasons to produce spaces like this one, areas that will end up for sure being a success in which the whole TCS community will gain.

“As teachers, the most important part from this experience, was the fact that students, all of them enjoyed absolutely and totally this activity, this was really important,” Mesa replied.