Road to College


Admissions Updates
The class of 2022 has 154 acceptances abroad, 15 acceptances in Colombia, and $7,601,280 USD in 4-year scholarships (as of March 22nd). The next few weeks are crucial because all international acceptances should be out, and Colombian universities also send out decisions.

Road to College
However, just as Ms. Dina is preparing to send off the Class of 2022, she is already working with the NEW Road to College for the Class of 2023!

She already met with all 11th Graders, both virtually and in-person, where she explained the college application process, how she organizes folders for each student, and the importance of “READING ALL EMAILS!!”

Ms. Dina organizes the process using individualized folders, where she adds documents to create a college list, brag sheet, common app essay, etc. Then, when a student tells her they want to study a specific career, she will add all the relevant information needed. This helps each student organize their ideas and find the best universities to apply to.


Additional to Senior and 11th Grade meetings, Ms. Dina is also busy organizing vocational tests for 11th and 9th graders. 11th graders will do their vocational tests in April and 9th graders in May. This will also help them choose the best careers based on their strengths and abilities.

Stay tuned for more information in the following editions!