Cancer Cure Found


Maria José Rico, Discoverer Staff Writer

Immunotherapy is one of the many ways doctors treat patients with terminal cancers, however recent research has proven it could be the cure.

Immunotherapy also known as biologic therapy, boosts the body’s natural defenses by using substances made by the human body or laboratories. Recent studies by the United State’s National Institute of Cancer, have revealed this treatment could be the cure to breast Cancer. Nonetheless, this new discovery has yet to be thoroughly investigated in order to be implemented at a greater scale.

“Cancer is one of the primary reasons women die…”, said Simón Giraldo, current 11th grade student at TCS. His mother is a breast cancer survivor who nowadays works on #ModoRosa campaign, which she created as a way to raise awareness about this sensitive topic. “This is something I wouldn’t want anyone going through, it brought tough times to my family, and personally the thought of losing my mother haunted me and frightened me greatly…”, said Giraldo wonderingly.

For many this last statement is not longer a thought but a reality. And the fact that immunotherapy could be the answer to people’s prayers, has brought many people hope.

“We’ve developed a high-throughput method to identify mutations present in a cancer that are recognized by the immune system,” said Steven A. Rosenberg, head of the surgery branch at the NCI(National Cancer institute). “This research is experimental right now. But because this new approach to immunotherapy is dependent on mutations, not on cancer type, it is in a sense a blueprint we can use for the treatment of many types of cancer.”

With this in mind, it is safe to say immunotherapy has yet to reach its potential but it has an extremely likely chance of doing it.

“Immunotherapy is one of the best discoveries yet, it gives more people a chance to live, not to mention bigger opportunities for other cancer research to be done.  I think cancer is becoming universal and this new discovery is just one small step, towards other important findings.”, stated Isabel Arias, current TCS student, daughter of a cancer survivor and aspiring doctor.

In a nutshell, this treatment is bringing society a step closer to a brighter future and a longer life. The people’s response to this breaking news has been incredibly positive and further results are awaited.

“If this can prevent other families from living what we experienced with my mother, it would make me the happiest human alive.”, said Giraldo with one last grin.