Lockdown CAN Benefit You


Discoverer staff photo

Individual on the first day of online work and planning her schedule for the day.

Candelaria Arango, Discoverer Staff Writer

I remember I was astonished the day our school told us they were canceling classes because of COVID-19. Naturally, I thought the school was overreacting to this “flu-like” virus. The thought of how the school was going to manage online classes couldn’t leave my mind. Everything seemed so impossible. Now that reality has sunk in, separation is the norm; we have no choice but to adapt to this new and unknown phenomenon.

Because of the pandemic, everything has radically changed, but our daily routines have been altered the most. From work to going to school, we are in a very strict lockdown, and we need to do everything from home. Individuals have also become more productive now that they know this is going to be happening for a long time.

How have routines changed

On the first day of virtual school I realized that everything was going to change. I woke up around 5:00 A.M., took a bath, and had breakfast. Since we didn’t have physical school, I decided I had to change my routine so I could finish things on time. Lockdown also changed my way of thinking. Since I couldn’t go out with my friends, go to school, or even go to the gym, I had to find another activity to focus my energy on (other than imagining being outside). Being quarantined has changed me and the world in so many ways; for example, we have become healthier and are much more careful with infections, and we are trying to be more efficient since we have all day to work at home. If we do not try to create a productive environment or different routines, we will be lying in bed all day doing nothing.

“I usually go to work every day, now I realize that I can do everything from my house. This change has been tough, but I am trying to do different stuff every day and trying to stay focused with a specific time management routine,” Belen Ochoa, in charge of the marketing area at MP Patricia Mejia company, said.

Has everything changed for good?

I have noticed that this quarantine has helped people be more conscious. 

It was May 10th, 2020, and I realized that I had an appointment with my psychologist. I got up and washed my hair, felt the icy water running through my scalp like little knives, waking me up more and more. I got dressed in a rush, opened my computer, and connected to the call. 

 Since I took advantage of the situation and asked her some questions about the pandemic, I listened carefully as she talked and waved her hands explaining everything. I could hear both the passion and the concern in her voice. That is when my whole perception of the current situation changed. I knew that I had to use this time to improve. Since the pandemic began, the world has had less pollution and animals are walking freely in urban areas. Everything is beginning to change in a very positive way to embrace the damage we have done. This situation has also helped us realize that doing exercise and eating healthy is crucial. We must also have a hobby and an activity that we are passionate about. It has made us reflect on our actions, to value the little things and moments in life. Hence, this pandemic hasn’t been ALL bad. 

“This quarantine has affected me positively because it has turned me into a more productive person also it has helped me to get closer with my loved ones, this pandemic has helped me to grow as a person and also it has helped the planet to breathe because of all the contamination and pollution we create” Juanita Rada, a psychologist, said.

How this reality can change our future 

The coronavirus will change the world in so many ways: existing health structures, the economy, how we deal with crises in the future, among others. We will become a more technological species. The only thing we can do now is adapt and evolve as we have always done. After some time this will be the new normal. 

“Things are going to change a lot, and we need to prepare for what is coming and receive it in the most positive and understanding way,” Rada said.