MUN Students Paint Pop Art for COSMUN Opening Ceremony


Paintings by Columbus School students for COSMUN 2019 event.

Manuela Molina , Discoverer Staff Writer

The Columbus School MUN students are making pop art paintings with the logo of the UN for the opening ceremony of COSMUN.

Press and logistics students are working all school day at Gloria Isabel’s painting class to complete the work and release the masterpieces for the event that will be held on April 9th

“….six canvas in total with the COSMUN logo…We try to organize these canvas in a different idea, like pop art style, we want to have a great team and a big team with the students which we are committed with this process”  Gloria Isabel Velez, Columbus School art teacher, said.

Velez is not just providing students a workplace, but she is añso voluntarily helping them with her professional experience. She helps students in things such as correcting details and arranging the perfect tones for the canvas.

“This is the idea of the students and if I can help them achieve I will totally accept the challenge and collaborate them in the making of the paintings for the upcoming event in COSMUN” Velez, said.

The students involved were press,logistics crew members and delegates, but many helped including those who were not a part of these groups. There were students that voluntarily wanted to contribute to the cause and were more than welcomed.

Press, logistics and delegates contributed . Also, even people that were not in COSMUN helped us. We were looking for that kind of help since there was a short notice of time” Andrea Restrepo, press member, said.

Logistic crew members had the duty of placing these canvas to take advantage of the colorful contrast and the MUN logo. The drawings will be placed in the opening ceremony and then around campus.

“…I’m also incharded of organizing the inauguration of the coliseum and these paintings are for that day, they are going to be hanging around the whole elementary coliseum , they are the logo of COSMUN” Juanita Tobon, Columbus School student and vice president of logistics, said.

Even though the canvas are now in hands of the painting department, there were complications before the progress begun. The provider had several issues and the work could not start in the planned week.

“Monday because we had a little issue with the provider of the canvas, so we don’t started the last week which we wanted” Velez, said .

For many students this task was a challenge since many did not have the artististic skills. Even though they were not the best in art they still contributed to the cause to make the best of these masterpieces.

Yes, it was a challenge. I’m not very talented in the art department. For me it was actually really challenging I only followed directions ” Restrepo, said.

Everyone that contributed in the making of the paintings is really proud of their job  and are anxiously expecting for the opening event. There will be a surprise for all members in the assembly.

We hope it is a great surprise for everyone, we put our mind and soul in this project and hopefully everyone would like it” Velez, said.