Logistics Engage in COSMUN


The UNODC commitee in action after set up by the logistics team.

Juan José Ramirez, Discoverer Staff Writer

The logistics team set up middle school and high school classes and the upper elementary coliseum for this year’s COSMUN ceremony last Tuesday, hours before the model’s opening ceremony.

The COSMUN Model United Nations will be hosted by the Columbus School with the opening ceremony starting April 9th and the closing ceremony being in April 12th. The logistics team are delivering last second repairs hours before the ceremony begins. Some of these preparations include removing unnecessary items from each class.

“We are taking down everything that isn’t COSMUN related from high school and middle school classrooms, we are also ensuring that there are enough seats for all the delegates and that every power outlet is functioning correctly,” Emilio Pelaez, member of the logistics team said.

The logistics team worked against time to ensure everything went as planned in the opening ceremony where more than 400 guests were invited, and two surprise guests delivered their speeches

“We have painted huge canvases which are going to be used as decoration for the opening ceremony and no to mention the infinite number of chairs we had to accommodate in the upper elementary coliseum for the ceremony to be possible,”  Elisa Martinez, member of the logistics team, said

In addition to this, the logistics team also explained that many people have the wrong perception that many people join this group to cut class, however, this is not quite true, as they have a very heavy workload. Last Tuesday was one of their busiest days.

“One day before and one day after COSMUN is when we have to work the most, we carry many heavy objects and we make sure everything is going accordingly, logistics is no joke and it is not a place for slackers,” Martinez said.

After the closing ceremony, the logistics team will also have to work at a fast pace in order to help maintenance take down everything, showing that the logistics team is a vital organ for the functioning of the Model United Nations.

“ Everything you see in COSMUN was organized by us, decoration, the placing the tablecloths, snacks, working wifi, working projector just to mention a few, everything that makes COSMUN work fluently is managed by us,” Pedro Juan Henao, member of logistics team, said.