Weekly Tiger #2


Tikkum Olam Makers, Students from TCS hosted TOM and helped 11 Need knowers

Last week at TCS, students held the TOM conference and participated in International Tournament Copa Cumbres. 

It was TOM Week at TCS as months of hard work came together in three awesome days. Needknowers held conferences sharing their experiences. Rigoberto spoke with Philosophy and Spanish classes about the trauma he was in after his accident. He also described his step by step day and even simple tasks can be challenging for a person with disabilities.  Makers finalized eleven prototypes, each adjusted to the necessity brought by the need knower

“Faoliys team ensured the wheelchair was perfectly tailored to Faoliys needs. They included padding to prevent her from hitting her limbs on the metal railing and a chest strap to prevent her from slipping. I enjoyed helping her and love talking to her and having an experience with them,” Manuela Salazar, Grade, said.   

This weekend our high school sports teams participated in Copa Cumbres. 5 teams were at the tournament, but only two came out victorious. Our volleyball team won the final against la Paz de Envigado 2 sets to zero, the game ended 25-23.  The soccer team also got crowned champions after beating 4-0, Prepa Anahuac Oxford, with four goals scored by 11th grader, Martin Vazquez who ended up being the tournament, top scorer.