City of Mariupol Failing to Hold On

Tomas Tobon, Chief Copy Editor

1st Frontline Map: Mar 18, 2022

2nd Frontline Map: Mar 22, 2022


Green Marked Area(s):

  • With the use of two Paratrooper units, alongside a Tank unit and a Motorized infantry unit, Russia managed to hold on tight to the newly encircled Ukrainian forces which include a sizeable chunk of the reinforcements and retreating units headed for the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. The aforementioned units along with an additional Motor Rifle Brigade, are nearing the outskirts of the capital. It has been reported that artillery fire has started as of March 19, 2022.


Black Marked Area(s):

  • Russian Forces, with heavy air support from helicopters and strike aircraft, are attempting to encircle Ukrainian combat forces in the northeast of the country. Ukrainian soldiers are putting up an extremely well thought out and heavy resistance as Russian forces haven’t been able to advance in those two areas for the last 4 days. The city of Sumy is being threatened to be encircled and cut off from supply routes from inner Ukraine while Kharkiv still holds strong as the defenders use guerrilla warfare tactics inside the city and in the outskirts, stagnating Russian progress.


Purple Marked Area(s):

  • A vast swath of land in the eastern parts of Ukraine has been occupied by parts of the Russian infantry units. Meanwhile, The city of Sevierodonetsk, controlled by Ukraine, is currently under siege by separatist forces of the Luhansk People’s Republic, supported by units of the Russian mechanized corps plus heavy artillery from the rocket divisions. Russian motorized forces are attempting to open a new front behind the city to cut their supply off and eventually force a surrender.


Blue Marked Area(s):

  • An entire chunk of Ukraine’s provinces north of the important port city of Mariupol have been occupied without much resistance due there being little to no presence of Ukrainian units, most of them being trapped in the city of Mariupol. The important port city has been under siege almost since the beginning of the conflict, becoming the hotspot for most of the civilian casualties of the conflict. It is reported that Ukraine’s “Azov Batallion” and Russia’s “Wagner Group”, both neo-nazi military units, are actively fighting in the city, struggling for control, street by street. The city has been actively bombarded by missiles and aircraft, slowly but surely, failing to hold on.


White Marked Area(s):

  • All is not yet lost for Ukraine as part of the Ukrainian tank corps managed to push back a strong Russian advance which had the Yuzhnoukrainsk Nuclear Power Plant as its main objective. Ukrainian forces have also taken back part of the port city of Mykol, meaning it is now a contested area with Ukraine poised to win as Russian reinforcements are not available in the area, at least for now.