High School Athletic Council Gives an Assist to Binationals


Athletic Council

Sweatshirts, T-shirts, and Petos designed by the 2019-2020 Athletic Council.

Marianna Román , Discoverer Staff Writer

The High School Athletic Council has been assisting the athletic department to prepare their teams for Binational Games in Armenia on November 10-16.

The council this year consists of 14 athletes from both female and masculine soccer, basketball, and volleyball, and they have met three times in the past month to prepare for the upcoming tournament. 

“We have a chat group, and if there is information that needs to get sent out to players like schedules or paperwork, they are responsible for that. It is basically a STUCO but for athletics,” Freddie Badillo, Athletic Director, said.

Besides communicating important information to their respective teams, members also designed the apparel, searched for providers for the T-shirts, sweatshirts, and petos, and collected each player’s sizes and information on what they would like to buy. 

“It was really hard because not everyone knew what they wanted, the time we had was really limited, and also it was hard choosing a design that people would agree on,” Juana Diez, member of the council, said. 

By preparing the uniforms and informing their team members, they are enforcing one of the council’s goals, which is to enhance leadership skills.

“The leadership skills I’ve obtained in the council have allowed me to lead the team better and to meet different people to do amazing things,” Isabelle Vergnaud, Co-Captain and member, said. 

Although Diez and Vergnaud believe their job is extremely influential for binationals, Diez believes they could do even more to enrich the council’s effect. 

“We could also make sure that the school is well integrated so that the score in binationals improves,” Diez said. 

The council’s members take pride in their hard work and responsibility to make binationals as good as can be, after all, it does have a greater impact. 

“If we don’t do it, no one else would, so it is important that we can lead the team and make the different shirts and things that would make everyone else have more spirit as well,” Vergnaud said.