Video Games ≠ Violent Humans


Martin Gomez

Martin Gomez, Discoverer Staff Writer

17-year-old named Daniel Petric was so mad at his parents because they took his Halo 3 game. He opened his fathers safe, took a 9mm handgun, walked to his parent’s room, told them to close their eyes for a surprise, shot and killed his mom and injured his dad severely. Even though people stereotype video games as the only cause of violence, social media has also a great impact on people. Young people’s exposure to video games, tv, movies, music should be limited because it incites violent behaviors.

The children that have access to computers and TVs should have some kind of violence monitor included in their research because something that they may see could make them violent. An experiment, made in 1963, where a bunch of kids were shown a grown-up man beating a blow-up doll in a video.  The experimenters wanted to see the impact the video had on children and created a replica of the room and added the same doll. When the kids entered the room they kicked and moved around the doll and even found new ways to torture it. This passage was taken from Psychology today showed that children imitated aggression. The games are being targeted as the only ones to incentivize aggressiveness even thought short clips make children aggressive.

Movies Incentivize violence when they show murders to a young public. On July 20th, 2012, James Harden shot and killed 12 people and injured 60 others in Colorado cinema when Batman: The Dark Night Rises was released. “When Holmes was arrested outside the cinema, he told police: “I’m The Joker.” Ray Kelly, the Commissioner of the New York Police said “It clearly looks like a deranged individual. He had his hair painted red, he said he was The Joker, obviously the enemy of Batman.” The Telegraph. The games are stereotyped as the soul of invoking violence among people even though movies have a huge impact on people personalities. Just by watching a movie James Harden became crazy nonetheless he had a Ph.D. and had a really good life ahead of him.  

People neural and emotional systems affect them in different ways so not all people that play aggressive games have aggressive reactions. Two groups were made from a crowd, they were asked who was and who was not aggressive and played them a video. While watching violence the aggressive group had less activity in the orbitofrontal cortex, which controls emotion-related decision making and self-control.

Because people can play video games for a really long period of time, video games make people the most aggressive. Teens especially have the biggest impact because they have the longest free time to play for more than 12 hours straight but that does not exclude adults that can also have a serious addiction. “A 38-year-old man was found dead at an Internet cafe in Taipei on January 1st after playing video games for five days straight. The corpse of the man went unnoticed for 10 hours by other gamers and staff.” CNN said.

What everybody should think after reading this is that game can make you more aggressive but so does the movies, music, and reality shows. A lot of bizarre things have happened to people that have been transformed by internet induced violence that even made them kill their own families.