Julieta Velez on “Pole Dancing Takes TCS by a Storm”

Julieta Velez

Dear Editors, 

During my skim of the articles, I read “Pole Dancing Takes TCS by a Storm” by Emilia Echavarria. I want to compliment you on your decision to destigmatize pole dancing. The recent uptake of the sport amongst students was concerning, considering the stigma surrounding the exercise, and the fact that we as a school are deciding to support these students, instead of sexualizing them, is something commendable. By showing support and accepting the sport as a form of fitness and art, I think we are discouraging predatorial views on our young, particularly female students. Hopefully, we can continue to clean the image of fitness disciplines such as this, for the sake of our students, and encourage them to participate in new activities. The article was refreshing, and although biased towards our students, it showed incredible support which we rarely see. Thank you for your dedication!

Julieta Velez, 8th Grade TCS