More MS Students Participate in Copa Columbus 2019



Colegio Aleman, and Colegio San Ignacio participating in a soccer game in the 2019 middle school Copa Columbus.

Jeronimo Restrepo Toro, Discoverer Staff Writer

New changes were implemented to Middle School’s Copa Columbus this year, held on October 23-26, to provide new opportunities for each athlete to succeed in its respective sport.

For some of the sports, the school had 2 teams, one for 6th grade and one for 7th and 8th grade. In the past years, the school had tried to implement or make this new feature a thing. This year it was official.

“It impacted the students, mostly in 6th grade, it gave them an opportunity to play, because in the last years if you were in 6th grade you did not have an opportunity to play or participate, and that will impact a lot in the future years, I think it will help improve the students mindset about Copa, and about sports in general.” Freddy Badillo, TCS Athletic Director, said.

The school’s team had improving results compared to past years. The 2 categories of boys and girls soccer, were in the top 3, the 6th-grade girls won. Basketball, boys, and girls also got into the top 3. Volleyball teams also reached top positions. The 6th graders had good results this Copa, they felt inspired and this will affect the next generation of sports in Middle School.

“I think I felt very happy because we played in the elementary soccer field, all elementary was supporting us, it was really cool because you felt important, you felt the pressure in the game so it helped us a lot to get to third place, and also it helped the rest of the 6th graders in my team”, Luciano Restrepo, 6th grade boys soccer captain, said.

The students felt good and happy during the games, and also learned to adapt to the new changes.

“For the most part, the students had a smile on their faces. Not only the teams were happy, but the entire school enjoyed this Copa, the results don’t matter, what matters is participation and sportsmanship, this is a great year, and the students learned a lot from this past games.”

Every year, more and more people are participating in Copa Columbus. And the expectations for the teams increases also.

“Saying this, with all the students that participated this year in Copa, I think we exceeded the expectations for this year Copa,” Badillo said.