8th Grade STUCCO Elections


Antonia Velez

This is Antonia Velez, the newly elected STUCCO for 8th grade during 2020-2021.

Samuel Zuluaga Mendez, Discoverer Staff Writer

Antonia Velez was elected as 8th grade STUCCO representative last week with 40% of the votes and she will be working to get back to school as soon as possible.

Each sociales class had 2 candidates with similar proposals. Elections were held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made this a difficult year for everyone and is the most important task for the new 8th grade representative.

“This is a crucial time for everyone and distance learning is not easy for some of us. I feel it is very important to make everyone feel good with everything,” Juana Upegui, 8th grade runner-up, said.

Velez thinks it is important to be closer than before. She thinks it is important to have a close and unified year. She claims she wants to be “the voice of the people that can’t stand up for themselves.”

“I want to run for STUCCO because I think it is a great opportunity to connect more with my classmates and to be the voice for them,” Velez said.

For many, returning to school is one of their priorities but not an easy task. Other candidates have also focused their campaigns in virtual learning.

“It is really difficult to have everybody be together during this pandemic, but I am trying my best,” Velez said. “It affects my proposals because this is a crucial time for everyone and distance learning is not easy for some of us.”

Being together at school, with the appropriate biosecurity measures, is one of Velez’s main proposals.

“I want to have more benches in school, with distance due to the pandemic,” Velez said.

Other runner-up candidates agree that the students have to be more united and connected. 

“Another one of my proposals for when we go back to school is to make salidas pedagogicas,” Upegui said, “It is important for the grade and the people to be connected.”

This will certainly be a challenging year for Velez and all of the STUCCO representatives. Velez claims she is ready for the job.

“I have leadership skills and I am very social. I love talking and helping. I am suitable for this position,” Velez said.