TCS Prepared to Host Binationals

Felipe Santamaría, training hard to be in the highest point for Binational Games 2018.

Sebastián Uribe Múnera

Felipe Santamaría, training hard to be in the highest point for Binational Games 2018.

Emilio Mora Serani, Discoverer Staff Writer

Preparations for the 2018 Binational games at TCS include intensive training by the sports teams and organizing the facilities as schools from all over Colombia prepare to visit.

The high school soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball teams are ready to receive schools from all Colombia, it is a tournament with a big competence where the school’s teams are qualified and prepared to compete for the title.

“The school has a lot of campuses, and a lot of fields, also with the new cafeteria the school is very prepared, it will not be as other years were the schools didn’t even had enough fields.” Maria Jose Puerta, a basketball player for the TCS, said.

Pedro Jimenez, a soccer player at the TCS, thinks that years before, other schools didn’t have adequate installations and organization to receive such an event, instead the TCS is completely able.

“I am sure to say that we are the team who is training the most, we are very dedicated.” Maria Jose Puerta, said.

Basketball, soccer, and volleyball teams from The Columbus School are training at least 5 days a week to accomplish their main goal which is to accomplish their goal for the tournament.

“All the fields are in a very good condition to host such an event, I think the school is really prepared, they are doing everything possible.” Maria Jose Puerta, said.

Basketball, volleyball, and softball fields have always been in a very good shape, but soccer fields, due to climate change, have had some mishaps. In January 2018 the TCS reassembled the main field to prepare for such an event.

“The soccer and basketball fields are okay, but the volleyball courts don’t even have the lines painted.” Jose Jaramillo, a volleyball captain in the TCS, said.

Even though most people in the TCS think that the school is ready to host binationals 2K18, some volleyball players are not fulfilled with their respective courts. Otherwise, the school has everything down control.

“The school has a very good installation and a lot of crew members that could help to help many other people.” Elena Londoño, a soccer player for the TCS, said.

Based on the school’s preparation and the team’s dedication, binationals at The Columbus School has all the pros to be an unrememberable event.

“I can not wait anymore, I am very anxious to play binationals!” Maria Jose Puerta, said.