Book Sale for La Guajira Returning for Candle Night


Mathias Echavarria

Books will be on sale on Candle Night, December 6, to raise money to support the Wayuu community in La Guajira.

Mathias Echavarria, Discoverer Staff Writer

The highly successful book sale for La Guajira is returning on Candle Night, December 5, to raise more money to support the Wayuus and Guajira indiginous population.

The books will be sold at stands during Candle Night where parents and their children can select books they are interested in. All the proceeds will go to the foundation for La Guajira sponsored by The Columbus School. Another book sale was held in November during elementary parent teacher conferences and raised over ten-million COP.

“We will have a tent of sorts dedicated to the Guajira where we will sell the books along with other products in order to raise funds for la Guajira,” Luz Miriam Arango, 8th Grade Teacher and Guajira fund organizer, said.

Many parents and students especially those more involved with the foundation, supported the cause by donating resources like books and other products. In addition to books, the will be a raffle, and handcrafts like bags and pulseras made by the Wayuu community.

“My wife and I recently did a donation of some goods and resources which I understand will be sold at Candle Night to gather funds for the foundation,” Camilo Echavarria, parent to students at TCS said.

The elementary library got more involved with the project this time, and they handled many of the donations which totaled several hunded books.

“Our expectations are to raise a lot of money to support la Guajira. This is such a great cause, additionally it makes me so happy as a librarian, to see all these readers buying and donating books. It helps improve the reading culture at TCS,” Carolina Madrid, elementary school librarian said.

Candle Night is a family event with the large crowds attending so it is hoped all the items will be sold and that a large amount of funds raised.

“So many families come out, and everybody’s gonna be there. We are going to be advertising the books all over, so a lot of people who didn’t know about it the first time, are really excited to buy some books the second time,” Madrid said.

While most of the books for sale are for children, young adult and adult literature and non-fiction will also be on sale.

“The most important thing is that the people generate empathy for the people at la Guajira, I want them to know that they can help, and encourage them to do so,” Arango said.