Lower Elementary Has Its Own Principal


Gregorio Correa

TCS Early Years members using the playground renovations

Gregorio Correa, Discoverer Staff Writer

From August 2019 onwards, the school’s board of directors decided to split Lower and Upper Elementary assigning a principal for each, being this for the sake of efficiency and identity.

K4, K5 and first grade, formerly lower elementary, are now under the direction of Diana Mitchell the new principal of Early years, this change will not have a significant impact on how the school is run. The school already had a partial division before there was an official change Lower Elementary had a separate vice principal from Upper Elementary.

“In previous years we used to be a single section from K4 to 5th grade, Elementary School. Ana Duran, and two vice principals, Catalina Lopera and me (Diana Mitchel), managed all Elementary. To an administrative level K4, K5 and first grade were known as preschool.” Ms.Mitchell, Early Years Principal, said.

In order to keep up to the school’s changes there was an immediate need for a division between the two sections. The school hopes this division will bring efficiency and a much larger focus on the kids.

“There are currently about 420 students between K4 and first 1st, which is almost the same as the number of students in middle school. Before, when elementary was a single section, the count went almost 900 students, even if you just think about the size, it made sense to split it up” Diana Mitchel, the Early years principal said.

As a separate section inside the school Early Years now has Its own budget, giving it the possibility to grow more independent and aware of its needs.

“Since the beginning of this school year, Early Years has had a separate budget that we can administer to our will, we also have our supplies, teachers no longer have mobilize to the Elementary School supply center if they need a sharpener or some markers,.” Piedad Bohorguez, Early Years secretary, said.

Provided that Early Years now has a principal and vice principal students will receive significant and further more attention from their directive board. This was set in a way students would not feel harassed by the change.

“I don’t know how kids will be affected by this, maybe by having a new principal they will have more time to interact with them, they also now have direct administrative representation.” Piedad Bohorguez, Early Years secretary, said.

From 2010 the school has been integrating a new class per year, given to the humongous population growth this past years the school is taking measures to keep up with the change.

“This stage of human development is really important and I am glad that we can pay more attention to it in this new section, the division makes this more easy and smooth” Adam Morgan, Early Years vice principal, said.