UNODC: Drug Trafficing Influenced by Immigration and Economic Instability



On Monday, April 5 UNODC started the debate on the use, supply and demand of illegal drugs.

Carolina Mira , COSMUN Correspondent

The drug war is being fought by many but some are trying to legalize the use of drugs within the countries. The delegations of USA and Brazil are among the largest drug consumers in the world. Both state that they are doing their best to fight against illegal drugs but the biggest problem is the big production and supply.

The United States claims that the illegal immigrants bring drugs and promote their use. The delegate of Mexico countered that most of the drug consumption is in the United States and that Mexico is not the cause of the consumption. Further, Latin American countries should not be blamed for excess of drug consumption.

Mexico insists that the drug war must end. Civilians have been involved in many tragedies and more than 40,000 innocent people have been killed. The delegate of Venezuela emphasised that capitalism is a factor in drug trafficking because it allows corruption and money lauder to occur.

The delegate from Colombia claims that they have a lot of problems but dont have the financial aid to solve them all, addressing one problem at a time, a process.

“Colombia is in a process for which a lot of countries like the ones that have terrorist groups can go through and that way the production of drugs can end in a pacific way. Also the countries that need help can receive it from the international comity if they create peace treaties,” the delegate from Colombia said.

The delegations from Mexico and the United States continue debating whether the root of the problem is production or consumption. Both countries blame the other largely because of a recent strain in the relationship over the construction of a border wall and the United States government’s hostile attitude toward immigrants crossing from Mexico.

The position of the Russian Federation was that both parties were equally to blame for the current situation.

“The United States discussion is completely out of the question. This delegation wants to invite all of the delegations present to don’t let themselves be driven into this hypnotism that the delegation of Mexico has put on themselves to cover up the fact that they are the major producers of drugs in the world and also one of the major exporters,” the delegate from Russia said.