Medellin Pollution

Martin Escobar Bolivar, Contributor

The contamination in Medellin is really bad.  It has been increasing which is worrying because each day there are more cars, more motorcycles, and by looking at the air it is obvious that the contamination is worsening.  We should take action. A solution is electric cars, or walking and cycling. Also we could use more public transportation instead of private cars. Furthermore, we could change the current regulation system  “Pico y Placa” for the cars by increasing the hours that people can’t drive which would force them to use public transportation or carpool with neighbors. We could also include an exemption for Pico y Placa for the people that have clean energy cars,  or that occupy all five seats of the vehicle. If the government could work on the road routes we could have a lane for carpool vehicles like they have in many places.