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To highlight the stories of resilient women TCS Girl Up club, creates the podcast Aliadas.

New Podcast Produced by Girl Up

Maria Hinestroza, Discoverer Staff Writer
April 11, 2021

A new podcast is being produced by The Columbus School’s Girl Up to share stories of resilient Colombian women and strengthen relationships between TCS and Medellín’s Community.  ‘Aliadas: Historias...

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Personera A. Cardona gives her acceptence speech while being broadcasted to the TCS community.

Personera and STUCO Reps Inaugurated in Virtual Ceremony

Pedro Gomez, Discoverer Staff Writer
April 7, 2021

After a long delay, the annual inauguration ceremony for Personera Andrea Cardona, MS, and HS STUCO representatives was held virtually due to COVID restrictions in the TCS theater at the beginning of February. Originally,...

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Maria Jose Botero and Andrea Cardona (personera) holding up the campaign symbol, plane tickets, promoting Cardona's candidacy pre-elections. Cardona, who recently won the personera elections, created plane tickets as a campaign symbol representing the places she got her ideas from. “I want to make everything better at school according to a better mindset and a more open-minded way of living,” Andrea Cardona, 2020-2021 personera, said.

Fighting for a Better Community From Home

Paula Velasquez, Discoverer Staff Writer
October 2, 2020

Andrea Cardona, the new personera for 2020-2021 of The Columbus School, has various plans for some necessary changes in our school community.  Now that she has won the elections, Cardona plans to start...

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The Columbus School student council representatives.

Our School, Our Home.

Sebastian Solorzano, Discoverer Staff Writer
November 30, 2019

A new campaign is being developed by the Columbus School Student Council in order to incentives students to get a sense of belonging of the school’s facilities next bimester.  Representatives from...

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TCS GIN team’s greenhouse is almost ready to be harvested and on time for its first delivery.

GIN Subscription Program Delivers the Green

Sara Ortega, Discoverer Staff Writer
November 30, 2019

TCS GIN team has implemented Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), beginning this December to insure that all crops harvested in the greenhouse are sold.  The 15 people who subscribe will pay a fixed...

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Andrea Restrepo, 12th grade student and a candidate for Student Council Representative, writes her speech to present at the upcoming elections. SCR candidates did a video to be elected for the position.

Student Council Representative Elections Continue

Luciano Fernandez Puerta, Discoverer Staff Writer
September 13, 2019

With the Student Council Representative elections drawing near, the position has been perceived as more valuable than ever before, with students deeming the position as a more important one than that of...

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While others work Federico Ospina is Distracted by his phone in the class room space.

Cellphones Tools or Distraction?

Federico Jaramillo, Discoverer Staff Writer
May 7, 2019

Smartphones are a great tool for education. Cell phones have a variety of useful classroom applications including Google searches, calculators, organization tools, and agendas. Sadly they are humongous...

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The bust of Rafael Arango in sculpture class.

Sculpture Class Students Creating “Bust” Selves

Alejandro McEwen, Chief Copy Editor
April 8, 2019

Clay busts are being formed by 9th, 11th and 12th grade High School students in Sofi Arcila’s sculpture class to test the students skill and boost their self-confidence. The techniques they are using...

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Marymount and TCS students enjoying Back to Life, halloween party.

TCS Graduates Succeed in Entrepreneurial Life

Sofia Nuñez, Social Media Editor
November 26, 2018

Simon Gonzalez, TCS graduate in 2016 reflects hard working skills during his college life. Simon Gonzalez has been involved in the organization of social events while he studies administrative engineering...

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Students Showcasing Both Sides of Ford at Their ISP

Students Showcasing Both Sides of Ford at Their ISP

Samuel Vieira, Discoverer Staff Writer
June 12, 2018

Sebastian Arteaga and Pedro de la Roche took on one of the biggest car brands in Colombia, Ford, and decided to do their ISP with its dealership Vehiculos del Camino. Vehiculos del Camino is a Ford...

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Juniors, Isabela Molina and Tatiana Botero, presenting The Discoverer and their proposal to promote it.

Juniors work on promoting The Discoverer

Camila Escorcia, Discoverer Staff Writer
June 12, 2018

For their last English project as juniors, some of them chose to do a creative project to help promote The Discoverer and make it a greater part of the TCS community. After one year of working for...

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Ana Sofia Ramirez and Valentina Agudelo in their stand for the brand Marithé et François Girbaud

New ISP method implemented this year

Mariana Diez, Discoverer Staff Writer
June 7, 2018

ISP’s were presented by the TCS seniors May 29 and 30 which had to include a proposal for the place they decided to work at. The proposal was supposed to include an environmental, social and economic...

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