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Angy Ximena Ramirez, Need Knower for TOM 2018.

TOM Colombia Changing Lives

Esteban Botero Castañeda, Discoverer Staff Writer June 16, 2021

Imagine what you like to do in your free time. Now imagine having a condition that does not allow you to do the thing you love, or the things you always have wanted to do. The sacrifices that you and other...

Tomas Arcilas five month old Beagle Lilo, sits on his apartments kitchen floor.

Pandemic Spurs Pet Purchasing Spree

Pedro Gomez, Discoverer Staff Writer June 9, 2021

Emotions are pumped to the ceiling. Expectations are sky-high as the whole family waits for the start of a new journey. A new member of the family has joined, fluffy and playful, and can be there in hard...

TOM participant Matias Rodriguez and his mother, Elizabeth.

TOM, Improving Lives

Catalina Rueda, Discoverer Staff Writer June 9, 2021

He is shy under pressure but really fun to be around when relaxed. He likes watching TV, youtube videos, playing, and hanging out with his younger sister. People who get to know him also know that he is...

Young kids can start to develop cognitive flexibility and moral reasoning at the age of 8, so adults have to be extremely careful of the biases they put upon them.

Misoginy, a Problem to Fix

Maria Isabel Tavera, Discoverer Staff Writer June 9, 2021

“Boys will be boys.” Is something often used to excuse misogynistic ideas said by boys of any age. But the real question is, are boys just boys? Or has society taught them to be like this? Students...

Friendship is maintained during the pandemic by recognizing all precautions.

People Struggle To Keep Friends Close As Pandemic Pulls Them Apart

Emiliana Restrepo, Discoverer Staff Writer June 9, 2021

The pandemic has turned our lives upside down, progressively creates an impact over our friendships, for better and for worse.   Indeed, the importance of human interaction and relationships remains...

J. Mendez in Dubai before flying to Medellín.

A Whole New World for Expats Arriving During Pandemic

Luis Gabriel Cardenas, Discoverer Staff Writer June 1, 2021

Imagine, it is the middle of 11th grade. Due to the pandemic, you have been going to virtual classes for 6 months. Then, your parents spring the news that you are leaving home, and traveling to the other...

On the approach of the Perseverance rover a detailed photo of Marss surface was taken.

Humans on Mars, an Adventure Awaits

Emilio Franco June 1, 2021

Your alarm goes off. Rolling out of your bed and getting up,  the first thing you see the Earth. The stars and a much smaller sun that you are used to. You think this is a dream, but you realize that...

Senior Single-Handedly Creates Company

Senior Single-Handedly Creates Company

Juan Lorenzo Gutierrez, Discoverer Staff Writer May 31, 2021

Wearing his hoodie to school, he felt as if he could finally express himself creatively. This encouraged him to print out more hoodies and accessories, as well as start his website, Around...

Newly inspired musician playing guitar.

Inspiration to Impact Our Lives

Jacobo Mendez, Discoverer Staff Writer May 27, 2021

It all started during an Eric Clapton concert, where artist Ed Sheeran was inspired to start playing guitar after hearing the song ‘Layla’s iconic riff. Afterward, while still learning guitar, he came...

Hosted by TCS 11th and 8th graders Sofia and Maria Valencias, Creative Escape has become a way to fight the loneliness of the pandemic.

Teens Fight Pandemic with Podcasts

Maria Hinestroza, Discoverer Staff Writer May 24, 2021

Pandemic, lockdown, millions of teenagers alone. Social Distancing, thousands of thoughts waiting to be channeled. A digital era. Social Media. Podcasting. A way to communicate and express. A way to connect. To...

Elon Musk, creator of Neuralink, and his new invention.

Neuralink: The Future is Near!

Gabriel Meynard, Discoverer Staff Writer May 24, 2021

Shortly, a computer chip implanted in your brain will cure Alzheimer's and Dementia. Elon Musk, creator of Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink is working on a chip that will be implanted in the brain and he...

A curly-haired girl stops. She’s reluctant to go into the black and white world of girls who all have straight hair.

Untangling Curly Hair

Camila Ceballos, Design Editor May 23, 2021

When you think of straight, you think of something even, right, aligned. When you think of curly, you think of something curved, knotty, uneven. To me, curly was one word: complicated. Like many women,...

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